Everyone victory. This is the main reason

Everyone felt that they had what it took to lead a nation to victory. This is the main reason why egos clashed, everyone wanted to be a leader but no one had what it took to lead. With everyone wanting a leading  position this caused them not to wanna fight with one another forming resentment within the military.

With no one willing to give up there leadership, this is what caused so many different resistance groups emerged in the aftermath of the Soviet invasion of AfghanistanThe Soviet invasion disrupt the social fabric of old Afghanistan destroyed communities. Elders were of power in islamic communities. The elders were the ones who controlled the money, made the laws and kept things in order.

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After this attack that was no longer true the elders were not not held to there same level of respect.The resulting reconfiguration of power so radical Islamist in orientation because  people began to respect those who knew how to handle and function wepos. That was a skill that people needed givin the climate after the attack.was the resulting reconfiguration of power so radically Islamist in orientation?Some of the immediate long term effects of the Soviet withdrawal from afghanistan was just how was economic decline also with different powers in charge this also caused more conflict than before for afghanistan. In the end afghanistan was left to battle poverty, starvation a destroyed economy and little valuable land.The rapid rise of the Taliban and their initial popularity among rural Afghans happened due to there  army of  vulnerable teenagers.

These  boys who pay attention to everything were seeking help in knowing what combat and war is and how they can learn new skills. This led the boys to religion on these leaders heavily. It was a struggle to take over initially when this military was first form but they were successful in capturing kabul.As industrialization and development of nations became more popular industrialization became more of a need of access. People needed oil for everyday things.

Taliban used this increase in demand to control the world with there need for supply (oil). There was a lot of money profited from this leading to the rise of talibanSuperpower manipulation leads to many consequences generally speaking. Specifically this led  to poverty in africa and afghanistan. Without aid these countries became poor.

With all if the destroyed land left behind as well it was also hard for these countries to develop and make money off of industrialization