Evolution plants growing. Evolving is the most important

Evolution is my favorite board game. Its objective is to let your animals survive and try to eliminate unwelcomed animals. I like this game because you can control your animals by giving them different skills and talents. This game has four main parts, such as evolving, eating, dying, and plants growing. 
Evolving is the most important part in this game. If your animals don’t have enough power to survive, they die. You place cards on the table to create animals. If the card is placed facing down, it will be a new animal. If the card is placed facing up, it can be a new skill for your animal, or plant. The are some limits for card placements. For example, you can put your cards in three sections, including two pieces of land and one piece of sea. However, you cannot place your animals directly into the sea without the “swimming” skill, because it would be considered as drowning.
Eating in this game is when you collect food from the plants. Each player takes turns to obtain food from the plants. When you eat, you take one food token from the plants in your land section. You must take food until your animal’s “appetite” is full. Normally, an animal’s appetite in this game would be counted as 1, but several skills may change their appetite. For example, the “predator” skill will make an additional 1 appetite. There are some other ways to gain food. However, special skills are required. The predator may hunt for other players’ animals. If the hunting is successful, the animal can collect 2 food tokens.
The dying part is the section when animals and plants that don’t have enough food die. If the animal dies, its cards are removed and no longer exist. In this phase, you also draw cards.
The number of cards you draw is your number of surviving animals plus 1. If the player has no animals existing and no cards in hand, the player collects 6 cards. 
The plants growing phase is when new food is given on plants. Different plants have different amount of food. In addition, new plants are added depending on how many players are playing. In this section, you cannot do anything to change the amount of food.
In conclusion, I think this game is very effective for training your ability of planning and controlling. You need to plan the order you take food or your animal would be worthless. This is an interesting board game to spend your time with!