Evolution Of Kodak Brand Logo Essay

The Kodak Company is one of the radical names in the picture taking industry functioning its broad scope of merchandises at the planetary platform from a long period of clip.

The Kodak Company has been started by George Eastman who was an American adult male, was fascinated cameras and picture taking among people. This survey has been introduced futuristic vision of the company in the epoch of altering go outing vision of the Kodak Company. At the same clip, the survey would foreground the communication schemes along with the functions and duties of the directors at assorted degrees in the organisation ( History of Kodak )The Kodak Company is one of the recognized names in the photographic industry functioning its extended scope of merchandises and photographic services to the consumers at the planetary platform. In this survey, new vision has been articulated for the improvement of the company by following new required alterations and inventions in executable mode in Kodak. This survey explored the alteration vision of the company and consequently focused on explicating alteration direction schemes for swimmingly implementing alterations in the organisation.Background:History:In 1888, the George Eastman has placed the first camera in the custodies of consumers in the universe broad with the slogan “ You press the button, we do the remainder ” . The George Eastman has made an unmanageable and complex procedure that was easy accessible and easy used by everyone in the universe.

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At that clip, the Kodak Company has been led the manner with the plentifulness of new merchandises to do simpler and more gratifying exposure.These images were besides used in the assorted applications such as commercial, amusement, leisure and scientific applications. This company has been progressively adopted the extended use of the technological promotion in order to uniting images and information in the company. This technological promotion has been implemented for bring forthing the potency for the acceptance of alterations in the organisation and concern communications to the employees in the Kodak Company ( History of Kodak ) .The George Eastman had an nonsubjective to do picture taking as a convenient tool like as a pencil. The company has been expanded the ways of images that could touch the day-to-day lives of the people in the universe broad. The company has been ranked as a leader transnational corporation in the photographic industry with the trade name acknowledgment in about every state in all around the universe. This endeavor has made possible to bask our images with the inclusive of latest photographic engineerings in the existent life.

The Kodak Company has been initiated its trade with the statement of movie in axial rotations, with the holder of axial rotations adaptable to the each home base camera in the market. This company has been named Eastman Kodak Company from 1892, at that clip Eastman Kodak Company of New York has been organized. The laminitis of the company George Eastman has been built his imperium on the foundation of four basic rules:Mass Production at the Low Cost.International Distribution.Extensive Ad.Emphasized on the Customers ( Constructing the Foundation ; History of Kodak ) .Development of Kodak Brand Logo:The development of trade name logo of the Kodak Company has been involved in the periods of old ages. This development of trade name logo has been elaborated as follows:Early 1900 ‘s: The first name to incorporate its expression and name into a symbol mark.

1930 ‘s: The ruddy and xanthous trade frock colour has been introduced in the logo.1960 ‘s: The corner curls form.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.kodak.com/ek/uploadedImages/Content/About_Kodak/Our_Company/History_of_Kodak/Kodak_logo_history.jpgBeginning: ( Development of our trade name logo )1970 ‘s: The grade kept the ruddy and xanthous colourss and besides Kodak name although a box with in writing “ K ” has been added in the logo.1980 ‘s: A more modern type fount has been restructured within the bing logo in the 1970 ‘s.Today: The rounded type founts and a different “ a ” gave more modern-day expression to the trade name name of the Kodak company ( Development of our trade name logo ) .

Change Management Scheme:Vision and associating it to the alteration:Current Vision:The current vision of Kodak Company in conformity with the Global Diversity is to develop a comprehensive concern environment in which it can act upon diverseness to carry through the overall aims and maximise the person and organisational potency ( Diversity Vision/Mission ) .Created Vision:The vision of the company which has been created in conformity with alteration direction schemes are as follows:“ To go the planetary market leader in photographic merchandises by supplying augmented and customized services to its clients through creative activity of organisational civilization that leads to make harmoniousness and sustainable development of the company and its stakeholders in every state of affairs ” .Created Vision and Changes:The vision so created is effectual in conformity with the alteration direction ; the vision is flexible and can be changing as per the organisational demand refering to the alteration direction. There are assorted alterations which an organisation faces in carry oning the concern operations ; these may be categorized as desirable and unwanted alterations. The desirable alterations are the planned alterations which an organisation wants to implement for the growing and development of organisation whereas unwanted alterations are unsure and create loss to the organisation.

Rationale behind the vision:We have come up with this vision in order to cover all the facets of concern viz. net income maximization, good market image and trade name image and equity by supplying augmented and customized merchandises and services to its clients. It aims at making harmonious working environment which motivates the human resource of the company to execute outstandingly for the achievement of their single and organisational aims.

Articulation of vision for the organisation:The vision has been clearly articulated for the organisation in order to make consciousness among all the stakeholders of the KODAK for its farther achievement. Articulation of vision is really indispensable to do it clear and apprehensible to all the people.Simplicity and Straightforwardness of Vision:The vision which has been created is simple and straightforward as it aims at supplying the augmented services to the clients and ensures the sustainable development of the KODAK and all its stakeholders.Vision is Motivating and Energizing:The vision is actuating and stimulating as it includes the creative activity of organisational civilization that leads to make harmoniousness and sustainable development. It motivates and creates ardor among the employees and all the other stakeholders to execute their functions and duties more vibrantly.Sharing and Understanding of Vision across the concern:The vision has been punctually shared and understands across the concern environment of KODAK. The vision has been intimated to all the stakeholders by the agencies of publication in the one-year study, meetings, conferences, seminars etc.

To verify its apprehension, KODAK usage to take feedback from the employees sing the schemes and reconstituting associated with the vision as per the organisational alteration.Vision is Actionable and Strategic:The vision is actionable and strategic as it leads to farther preparation of assorted schemes refering to the offering of augmented quality of customized merchandise and services and sustainable development.Team Alignment in the Vision:The vision has been created with a position to take the active engagement of all the squad members, the functions played by the manager, caretaker, sailing master, manager, nurturer and translator in pass oning the vision to the whole organisation is really outstanding.Group views sing Vision:The group found the vision really proactive and vivacious in accomplishing the sustainable growing and development of single and the organisation. It insists them in explicating and implementing assorted selling, operational, and quality control schemes for the growing and development of the organisation.Reason behind taking this Vision:The ground behind taking this vision is to put to death the concern operations more efficaciously and to streamline the activities of the organisation for the ultimate vision achievement of the company. It helps in accomplishing competitory advantage over the rivals and reaches the planetary highs in footings of concern aims and profitableness and marketability.

Planing associated with Intimating the Vision to the remainder of the organisation:Assorted strategic programs have been formulated from clip to clip as per organisational demand in order to pass on and adumbrate about the vision to the remainder of the organisation. These schemes have been mentioned in the communicating schemes refering to the alteration, alteration direction and vision.Vision correlativity with the mission:The vision of KODAK can be correlated with the mission by spliting it in to little schemes for the achievement of both mission and vision. As the vision includes offering augmented and customized services to its clients, making a harmonious and development orientated civilization ; hence the mission of the organisation could include the execution of assorted quality oriented schemes, seeks engagement of all the stakeholders in the vision achievement, holding competitory advantage over others and heightening the market and trade name image of the organisation. Explicating assorted motivational and HR related schemes for their execution and development of a good organisational civilization. Mission could besides include maximising the net income, wealth and stockholders ‘ and stakeholders ‘ value in conformity with the vision of KODAK.Scheme for Communicating Change and Vision:After the preparation of valuable vision, it is important to pass on alteration and vision in a proper and effectual mode so that the alteration vision can be adopted and implemented in the Kodak successfully because communicating is a cardinal driver in the alteration direction ( Heathfield ) . The company should follow suited scheme to do vision positive and successful and should pass on in the undermentioned ways:Communicate alteration vision systematically and often through the usage of multiple channels such as picture, preparation, speech production, composing, intranets every bit good as bulletin boards.

Directors at different degree should affect in the implementing and pass oning the alteration and vision.The single stand foring and bespeaking the alteration or vision must bespeak clearly and in inside informations that radiate unity, genuineness and legitimacy.The pass oning scheme should be in conformity to the fortunes and demands of both transmitter and receiving system.

Develop written signifier of scheme in order to follow out the effectivity and truth of the alteration vision.Communicating the scheme non merely a type of presentation but there should be two ways communicating should include existent treatment.Redesign occupations and engineering in such a manner that link everything with the changed vision.

It would assist to back up the new manner of trying things.The directors should put proper clip in networking with the employees both inside and outside the organisation in order to bring forth every bit good as set up trust and consensus for the alteration vision ( Change Management Strategy: Communicate the Vision ) .The senior directors should pass on to the vision and digesting the committedness of other cardinal stakeholders.

The environment of urgency should be created which would assist in implementing scheme on urgently footing.The above stand foring schemes are the ways of pass oning scheme to convey efficiency and adequateness in following and implementing scheme on all the degree of the organisation. The communicating and execution is non a portion and duty of an person ( Change Management Strategy: Communicate the Vision ) . The schemes should concentrate at all degree and enterpriser, manager, executives every bit good as directors play different functions and have different duty in pass oning the scheme which is described as follows:Functions:As per managing and implementing, the alteration direction procedure in organisation requires expertise to pull off alterations. Driving successful alterations requires system of histrions to pass on and execute all the alterations for understanding functions that supports effectual alteration direction procedure in the organisation. Five functions related to the communication alteration and visions are as follows:Director:Director plays cardinal function for pass oning alterations over the organisation. Director would be accountable forCommunicating the schemes needs to guarantee and besides pass on alterations that need to carry through by the direction as per the hereafter position.

Use a structured alteration direction methodological analysis and attack for the organisational alterations attempts in vision.Develop alteration direction scheme focused on future vision of the company and the group being impacted by the alterations ( Battilana, 2007 ) .Sailing master:Navigator function is similar to the manager accountable for placing options for proposed alterations. Communication techniques are used to win employees over the alteration.

Primary duties are:Acknowledging and developing alterations as per the company ‘s demands.Efficaciously communicate to assorted stakeholders of the ground of alterations every bit good as the item of the alterations how much cost will happen.Interpreter:Interpreter is the cardinal responsible histrion to take and pull off alterations in the organisation.

The Entrepreneur responsible for r sequence of activities that follow greater inside informations of these actions are as follows:Interpreter provides staff with sense communicating through the media to staff members. The Interpreter communicate all the alterations which needs to be adaptative and reactive by the staff members with perspective function to supply sense of doing for organisational participants about alterations demands to be done.Coach:The primary function of Coach is to acquiring alterations through the shred values through the positive emotion interactions with the employees engaged in duologue about the alterations.Coach would hold the duties to guarantee employees sharing similar values and making consciousness of what actions are appropriate to theses values.Coach would besides be responsible for taking inaugural and adaptative alterations to change organisational patterns and modus operandis.

Nurturer:Small alterations may hold big impact on organisation and directors are non capable to command the results of alterations possibly nurture their organisations, facilitates organisational qualities that enables positive ego forming to happen in the organisation ( Mindy Man Min Chew, 2006 ) .Skills:Changes to the organisations must be justified, quantify and obliging as per the sustainability of schemes which are the cardinal demands for alteration in company ‘s vision. These would be sustainable for organisational members to construct up relevant, effectual and obliging concern to back up their company ‘s transmutation to being a sustainable organisation. These accomplishments are required to carry through following undertakings:To cover with complexness and uncertainness in strategic planning.

For systematic and future thought in the context of vision statement.Action oriented accomplishments to pull off and actuate alterations in the organisation.Project direction and practical job work outing accomplishments as per the organisational demands.Stakeholder ‘s battle accomplishments.In response to implementing alterations efficaciously requires for appropriate accomplishments to supply a model for sustainability of organisation. Skills for sustainability encompasses perceptual experience and values that underpin sustainable attacks to the organisational alterations. Skills that are required for pass oning the alteration and the vision are as follows:Demonstrated support of senior decision makers and leaders:Persons in leading place needs to understand the importance of sustainability as the cardinal institutional factor and supply support for pass oning alterations and future vision of the organisation.

These attempts would be sustainable through the administrative construction and value statements.Collaborative leading:All the leader, stockholders and stakeholders demands to affect across the organisation as the enterprises form the beginning to the terminal in strategic planning and execution.Common, compelling and clear vision strategic accomplishments:For successful managing and implementing the common and compelling vision all the organisational employees including top degree and in-between degree demands to lend to across the organisation and organisational alterations.Effective alteration leading patterns:Mangers need to use effectual alteration leading manner as per the sustainability changes procedure and for capitalize on alteration contradiction in the organisation.Required Technical Skills are More Industry Specific:With the planning and undertaking direction proficient accomplishments besides needed to efficaciously pull offing, monitoring and extenuating the coveted schemes formulated ( Skills for Sustainability Standard Framwork, 2009 ) .Sustainability:In order to prolong alterations in the organisation, the company should follow the adequate model throughout the organisation with proper actions that should include constructions, steps and inside informations of the system. The alteration is the demand of the organisation in order to heighten fiscal and societal public presentation ( Marc J.

Epstein, 2001 ) .ActionsThe sustainability action includes three types of activities i.e.Explicating the Sustainability Strategy.Developing Plans and Programs.Planing Appropriate Structure and Systems.In explicating the sustainability schemes, the director needs to place the facets of the concern activity which have important impact on the sustainability issues such as energy ingestion, pull offing diverseness etc. After the designation, the directors formulate appropriate scheme that includes the company values, committedness every bit good as end and mission of the company.

As per the demand of the company, the scheme is formulated and implemented either on the local degree or planetary degree. The scheme is formulated with concentrating the vision, end and demand of the company and the fortunes severally.The Developing Plans and Programs is the 2nd and of import constituent of sustainability action under which existent programs and plans are developed in order to accomplish the sustainability actions and ends that have been formulated. The develop programs and plans purposes to heighten environmental and societal plans and advancing sustainability public presentation to interest holders.

In Designing Appropriate Structure and Systems, the directors emphasizes on interpreting a sustainability scheme into action and driving it throughout the organisation. However, it is significant challenge and in order to get the better of with this the company adopts different model and implement their scheme. As the alliance of scheme is indispensable to organize activities and actuate employees for implementing a sustainability scheme ( Marc J. Epstein, 2001 ) .

Pitfalls/BarriersKodak has to confront several economical, societal, technological, institutional and behavioural barriers to prolong alterations in the company. The technological and economical barriers are the most ambitious and finds in codifications of transit, energy and H2O system while the institutional and behavioural barriers are found in the codifications of the company such as occupation description, societal norms, regulative demands etc ( Robinson, 2010 ) .Therefore, the Kodak would confront the undermentioned pitfalls/ barriers:Patriarchal thoughtA “ Silo ” Approach to Environmental and Socio-Economic Issues.No clear vision of sustainability.No clear vision of cause and effects.

Lack of transparence and information.Not sufficient mechanism for larning.Failure to Institutionalize Sustainability.

Successs:At the clip of sustainability, the company faces several challenges but the turning company like Kodak easy adapts the taking manner toward the sustainability by altering their traditional production and organisational paradigms. The Kodak leaders grasp their company vision and end deep routed to get the better of with the challenges of sustainability. The leaders are built-in to the profound alterations which are necessary for accomplishing true sustainability ( Doppelt ) . The following are the intercessions which directors adopt to get the better of with the seven sustainability challenges.Change the chief mentalityForming passage squads.Crafting an Ideal Vision and Guiding Sustainability Principles.

Restructure the policies of battle.Shift Information Flows by Tirelessly Communicating the Need, Vision, and Schemes for Achieving Sustainability.Correct Feedback Loops by Encouraging and Rewarding Learning and Innovation.Adjust the Parameters by Aligning Systems and Structures with Sustainability.Decision:Though every bit per the analysis of the Kodak Company ‘s bing vision and scheme it has been explored that company requires alterations and invention in the vision and schemes as per the hereafter position. Company needs to explicate advanced schemes for formulating, implementing the alterations for the growing of the company.

These alterations in vision and schemes will prolong the company to carry through vision in schemes broader spectrum.