Exam Studies Essay

Exam 2 Review Cultural Anthropology . . What does the discipline of ecology study? o What term did we use to refer to “a beneficial adjustment”? o What is different about ecological studies of humans? What does patterns of subsistence mean? o What is the difference between food foraging and food producing? o Can you define horticulture? Pastoralism? Agriculture? ? What is swidden? o When did some human populations begin to switch to agriculture? o What is Jared Diamond’s main argument in “Adaptive Failure: Easter’s End”?

What is the definition and application of the following modes of exchange? o Market exchange? Redistribution? Reciprocity? ? What are the three types of reciprocity? How are they different from each other? o What does Lee Cronk tell us about the Kula Ring in “Reciprocity and the Power of Giving”? ? What is it? Where does it take place? Who participates? What does the economy organize? o Are peasants a part of the global capitalist system? Why or why not? What is the difference between capitalism and socialism? What is the function of politics as a social institution? o What is the definition of the following forms of political organization? ? Bands ? Chiefdoms ? Tribes ? State o What is a nation? How does this differ from a state? o What types of leaders does Marvin Harris identify in “Life Without Chiefs”? o What is bureaucracy? ? What are Weber’s six theoretical components? o What did Antonio Gramsci call the indirect power that he identified?

What is the difference between status and role? o What are the two types of status? Can you provide examples of each? ? What is a master status? o What are the two types of social groups? o What do we call any system of social ranking? ? What is the definition of class? Caste? Meritocracy? What are the two sides in the debate on the cause of poverty? o What did Karl Marx say about the origin of class distinctions? Can you identify people, places, and topics from the film Roger and Me? . . . . . .