Example answers to Questions on Organization Management Essay


1Explain the intent of Goldenstate Manufacturers and remark on how it might differ from other types of organisation. ( Learning outcome 1a ) . Goldenstate makers ( Pvt ) Ltd.

are a big textile-manufacturing-company in the concern for over 30 old ages located in Australia. The company is among the top five fabrication organisations in the state and employs over 1700 employees. Based on this information, this is a strong adequate organisation. First, at economic portion, the company has ability to supply a big figure of productions and sell them all over the universe. For this ground, the company can make a satisfied economic benefit and excite economic development in Australia. The company besides stimulates the ability of ingestion in Australia. Second, at societal portion, the company can offer a batch of work chance in society which will work out the rate of unemployment. It will besides cut down the force per unit area for the authorities.

Every twelvemonth, the company may make free service to the society, for illustration, mend the populace installations. The company gives the money to the charity organisation for the hapless kids. Finally, at personal portion, people who work in the company, they can accomplish their personal value. They have got the infinite for publicity in the position of hereafter. The staffs will hold the opportunities to larn more new accomplishments on their professional countries. The staffs work in the company which has a good repute ; they can have the regard from other people.1.

2Draw a elaborate organisation chart for Goldenstate Manufacturers demoing the assorted functions and maps in topographic point. ( Learning outcome 1b )Explain for the below chart:1 QC: trough of quality control section1 OPE: trough of operation section1 A & A ; F: trough of accounting & A ; finance section1 Gross saless: trough of gross revenues & A ; selling section1 ICT: trough of ICT section1 HR: trough of human resource section1 R & A ; D: trough of research & A ; development section2: middle-line troughs3: first-line troughs4: supervisors5: squad leaders6: proficient workers7: non-technical workers8: staffs9: deputy general directors in six subdivisions which are knitting, dyeing, coating, cutting, sewing and buying.Chief executive officer1SALES1R & A ; D1 HR1 ICT1A & A ; F1OPE1QC22222223333333444444455555556767676767678888889999990768Explain how effectual you feel the organisation is and name the chief accomplishments and competences needed for it to be competitory. ( Learning outcome 1c )The Goldenstate Manufacturers ( Pvt ) Ltd. is a strong plenty company which in textile-manufacture country, but it still has some serious jobs on their direction. As the new CEO said, the operation section is the most disorganised section. Carl, the operation section director finds it difficult pass oning at all degrees. The workers ‘ turn-over in the knitwork and finishing subdivisions is high.

Dying and cutting subdivisions are overstaffed. The productions are held-up in some procedures. Customers ‘ ailments are increased in the past 18 months. Based on that information, I will urge some chief accomplishments for the operation section to cover with the difficult state of affairs.First, Carl, the director should hold a good communicating accomplishment at all degrees. To do certain the communicating accomplishment works in the conversation. Carl should listen to other people ‘s sentiments and have the feedback signifier all degrees.

Second, reassign the staffs from dyeing and cutting subdivisions to knitting and finishing subdivisions, it will cover with the workers ‘ turn-over and maintain the balance at these subdivisions. Next, the productions are normally held-up, in this state of affairs ; the director should develop the staffs to work as a squad and how to better the work efficiency. Carl will place for the staffs, how to organize each other. If maintain this manner, they will work swimmingly and make non blow clip and better the productiveness. Then, Carl should give more duty on his staffs, to allow them hold more answerability to make the occupation. Otherwise, they need a meeting in every hebdomad, review the work for last hebdomad to decide the jobs instantly and do a good program in the hereafter.

Next is motive the staffs decently, such as give the opportunities to the staffs for larning the new accomplishments and give the infinite to the staffs for publicity. Move to the work public presentation, this portion is really of import, the squad leaders and supervisors should supervise the staffs ‘ public presentation all the clip, meanwhile give some right usher for the staffs to better the quality of production. It will cut down the client compliant. Finally, the company should lend a good client service to decide the ailments. Sometimes the company will give some free service for the clients are necessary.2.

1 Explain the leading manners of Adam, the Knitting Manager, and James, the Dyeing Manager, and remark on how appropriate you feel these are in the current state of affairs ( Learning outcome 8a )Adam, the knitwork director, his leading manner is autocratic. He merely state his employees what they should make and merely can follow his methods to make the things. He will non pick up other sentiments which come from his employees. At good side, he has a strong direction control by himself and the staffs work under procedures and take order on their occupations. On the other manus, the staffs work under force per unit area and have hapless temper during the work, they may hold some good thoughts which can better the work efficiency on their plants, but they may frighten to talk out their sentiments, because Adam will non listen to others. Harmonizing to these grounds, in the knitwork section, the workers ‘ bend over are much higher than other sections. The staffs feel unstable in the work environment.

Otherwise, if ever engage the new staffs to make the work ; it will cut down the productiveness and net income.Based on this state of affairs, I give some recommendation to Adam. First, he should get down to accept other employees ‘ sentiments which have the benefits for the company. Second, communicating decently with his employees all the clip and maintain a relationship with them.

Follow this manner, Adam can have the positive and negative feedback rapidly and do a suited determination for the company. Following, actuate the staffs and ever promote them to make the occupation best, give them a manus, if necessary. Adam can borrow some staffs from the dyeing and cutting subdivisions to refill the vacancies for knitting section.

James, the dyeing director, his leading manner is declaratory. He allows his employees to make the things and does non take much notice. The employees have strong control by themselves, but organize my sentiment, James did non depute in the right manner and did non command decently, because he refrains any actions which might upset the employees. The employees may make some procedures in the incorrect manner, but James did non indicate out instantly. For illustration, if the employees do the things which destroy the benefits of the company, the company ‘s repute will goes down and people will doubt his ability on his duty.First, he should indicate out the errors which from his employees and give them right steer instantly.

Second, if he wants depute more to others, he should take the right individual who can take charge of the undertaking and preparation is necessary, James should go through on more experience to the individual. Finally, cheque and command the undertaking is really of import, to do certain the undertaking goes in the right way and do a determination right.2.2 Use any motivational theory, or theories, to rede Adam, the Knitting Manager, how he might actuate his staff so they will stay with the company. Make certain you explain what he must make and how he might make it ( Learning outcome 8b )Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of demands position that we must fulfill each demand in bend, get downing with the first which deals with the most obvious demands for endurance itself.

When the lower order demands of physical and emotional are satisfied are we concerned with the higher order demands of influence and personal development.As we can see, the first degree is physical demands which are nutrient, slumber and homeostasis, etc. First, Adam should give a warrant on their payment. It will fulfill their basic demands. For illustration, one of his staffs may utilize the payment to return the loan to the bank on clip, so he or she will hold a stable attitude on their work. The 2nd degree is safety. To maintaining a safe work environment for his staffs and take out any jeopardies during the work. The staffs have a healthy organic structures are good for their work and will non impact the productiveness.

Adam should set up the staffs to travel to the infirmary to look into the organic structures every twelvemonth. Next is love and belonging portion, the director should hold a good friendly relationship with the staffs ; they can make a no barrier work environment. The partnership is really of import to back up the staffs. If necessary, sometimes Adam may form some particular activities, such as parties and BBQ. The staffs can put their household members and friends to fall in the activities together.

It will widen socialisation to do more friends and good for the concern. Move to the regard needs portion ; those demands are higher than other degrees. Adam should do a program to how to develop his staffs for the new accomplishments. If the staffs become more professional, the staffs will hold more strength to take charge of their occupations. The staffs can accomplish their personal value and regard by others.

The highest degree is self-actualization. This degree is based on other degrees. Peoples may hold creativeness on their occupation which is good for the company ; the director should ever promote his staffs to make new thoughts on their work, such as how to salvage the clip to make the occupation and how to salvage the cost for the company. The staffs should hold more morality to protect the net income of the company.2.3 Mark the CEO has told Ron, the Finishing Manager, that he should depute more, Explain to Ron the stairss he must take to depute efficaciously doing certain you clearly explain what he has to make at each measure and how he might be able to make kit.

( Learning outcome 8c )Ron follows Adam ‘s leading ‘s manner which is autocratic. He does non let his staffs to take the autonomy of making things without his cognition ; in that instance, he will hold much force per unit area on himself, so he should depute more on his staffs. How to depute the undertaking to the individual is really of import. First, before he delegates person to make the undertaking, he should analyse the undertaking and take the right individual who has the strong duty to take charge of the undertaking. Second, Ron will develop the staff separately and state him or her how to execute the undertaking by given feedback, if necessary, Ron should supply the staff with measure by measure direction and give his ain experience on the undertaking. Sometimes if Ron finds the staff is overload on the occupation, Ron can set the occupation decently or may cut down some work load on the staff and give some advices on it. Ron will develop his staff on a regular basis and better their work accomplishments on the new undertakings. Finally, reappraisal and control are really of import.

Ron will look into the public presentation of the staff and how did the staff to make the occupation before and the staff besides needs to give Ron the feedback and sentiment rapidly, so Ron can do a right judgement on him. If the staff ever carry through the undertakings decently, Ron can see give some regards to the staff and promote the staff to make the best.