Example Introduction Speech Essay

Hello, my name is Kristin Hack. I’m 17 years old and I live inn Clear Lake, House ton, Tx with my parents and puppy, Mac. I work as a secretary at an Optometrist office c allied Eye Trends. I’m a senior at Clear lake high school, trying to graduate early. After hi GHz school I plan on majoring in biotechnology with a business minor and going to CULL for a c people semesters, then transferring to a college haven’t decided on yet. In this speed chi I thought I’d share a couple of my talents with you. One of my many talents include violin, I’ve been playing for about 12 years no w.

My diddle school orchestra director actually wants me to become a private teach re so can start giving lessons soon. Think selfsame music is a great thing to celebrate in one’ s life, so I’m very excited to be teaching children a skill like music, it’s a very enjoyable thin g to have. I’m also slaughter at piano, I’ve been playing for about 8 years now. Since I learner d how to read music at such a young age, piano was really easy for me to pick up on. Sometimes mess I’ll record covers of popular songs where I sing and play piano at the same time, people to enjoy them. Another talent of mine would be dancing along with choreographing. Rated dancing around the same time I learned how to play violin when I was 4. Started with ballet and jazz and over time my spectrum of dance genres expanded. Like learning an insists unmet, with all the time and practice I had with dance my fluency for the subject progressed enough to make me be comfortable with choreographing. My sophomore year choreographer ad 7 minute dance to a medley of songs for an event at school. A lot of people were empire used with it. But lately I haven’t been able to keep up with dance as much as I’d like to due to o there responsibilities.