Executive high class people. We empower our customers

Executive Summary:

Cafe De Temple is a unique local bar or coffee
house that delivers a sociable, effective environment where people can meet. Cafe
De Temple is not your distinctive bar where people go to meet other peoples. Cafe
De Temple has a unique facility known as the structure conversation method
that is fairly effective for letting peoples to meet each other and deliver
them with valuable vision into the other individual through reflective talks. 
The structured system delivers an environment that lowers embarrassments and raises
confidence allowing peoples to meet other peoples and achieve vision into their
nature by way of thoughtful discourse. Meeting people is one of the largest
hurdles 20-45year old singles face. Cafe De Temple offers this group with an
effective key to this problem. 

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Company analysis:


The Cafe De Temple is an advanced
bar & coffee house with a focus on markets in Basantapur Area. Our
customers sort from small class to high class people. We empower our customers
to assist maximum quality, delightful hot and cold beverages, mainly through
single-serving capsule methods and state of the art machines. Our wide-ranging
products and service variety also includes Immediate Beverages Systems, Coffee
Beans To Cup Brewing and Filter Coffee Solutions. You find all for excellent
coffee and other beverages at The Cafe De Temple. From a worth cappuccino producer
for a 5persons office, to expert turnkey set ups for coffee shops. We also sell
and rent our machines. We also deliver technical facilities to conserve the maximum
unique quality principles and to be familiar with our clients.

Cafe De Temple is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in the state
of Kathmandu. Virat Poudel owns 59% of the company as well as his brother Dhoni
Poudel holds minority stakes in Cafe De Temple.


Cafe De Temple mission is to deliver
a community bar/coffee shop where single people can come across.  We occur
to attract and sustain customers. Our aim is to exceed the beliefs of our

Situation Analysis:

Cafe De Temple has just started the business,
and marketing is must to its achievement and upcoming profitability.  The
bar delivers an environment for people to hangout in a relaxed.
Availability of person meeting environment is formed. The basic market need is the
place where singles can come across new similar peoples. Cafe De Temple uses a cultured
conversation structure to boost and ease singles meeting each other. 

Market Overview:

Cafe De Temple have a good knowledge about the
market and has a great deal about the mutual attributes of the valued and loyal
customers. Cafe De Temple will influence this info to better recognize who
is served, their specific wants, and how the Café can be better to connect
with them.

In 2016, the worldwide bar/restaurant market touched $23 million
dollars.  Alcohol sales are predictable to grow by 10% for the upcoming
years.  This growth can be recognized to several factors.  The first
factor is Nepal’s faith on alcohol for socialization. This influence is
intuitive as alcohol breaks down social embarrassments.

Another feature is the trend to eat and drink outdoor. 
This occurs as new trend in Nepalese people. The have started to work more
hours throughout the week.  Eating and drinking out is an accessibility that
many are eager to pay for.  It also delivers interaction with new people.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis captures significant
strengths and weaknesses inside the company and defines the opportunities and
threats fronting the Cafe.


Solid relations with 3rd party merchants.

Outstanding staffs who are extremely qualified
and customer focused.

The organized conversation system.


The Cafe limited brand equity.

The struggle to repeatedly have present
and new talks subjects.

An imperfect marketing budget to growth
brand responsiveness.


A rising market with an important proportion
of the of the target market place still ignorant of the Cafe.

Increasing sales opportunities as persons
becomes aware with the benefits of the structured conversation system.

The skill to minor mutable prices
through effectiveness advantages.


Competition from locals.

Competition from other sources of
singles seminar occasions.

A crash in the economy which will reduce
optional expenditure.