Exemplar Of For The Students Essay

This concept is embodied in our laws, which ensure that people are not treated fervently, as they had been in the past, whereby women often had little or no rights. Today, women now have the right to vote, the same as their male counterparts. In the past, there has been a great deal Of social inequality, with some individuals and groups, often being marginal’s or socially excluded due to the fact that they were different. Most notably, after World War 2 there were many immigrants from the commonwealth who came to help rebuild Britain and took jobs that many people felt were beneath them.

However, many of these immigrants were not accepted and faced a great ell of overt discrimination as many citizens would not allow them to rent rooms in their property and would display signs that said ; No Irish, No Blacks and No Dogs’. They would also be verbally abused and called names such as n****r’, which is known as racism and physically attacked due to their differences. When thinking about the situation in the past in respect to a health and social care, certain groups within our society would often be made to feel as though they didn’t belong in our society and were often disadvantaged in our society.

Namely, children and adults with physical disabilities were often institutionalized, almost as if the slogan ;out of sight, out of mind’ were being applied to them. Those with less severe disabilities such as hearing or visual impairments or those who today, we would say had learning disabilities would be sent to specialized schools for the “deaf’, “blind” or Special Needs school for others who failed to learn what many considered was the “normal” rate.

However, today we have legislation (or laws) in place to ensure these groups are given the same opportunities as others and in a lot of cases will be educated in a mainstream environment whereby appropriate support shall e given for their needs in order to ensure that they are able to access the curriculum. Other groups that faced a great deal of social exclusion, were those with mental health issues, who like people with disabilities often were placed in psychiatric units for a majority of their life, some not because they were insane, some because they had failed to conform to societies norms and values and found themselves outcasts.

This can be seem in the controversial film the Magdalene Sisters, which portrays an asylum in Ireland whereby young women who had engaged in sexual acts outside of marriage or had enplaned pregnancies were placed in these asylums which resembled the early workhouses, commonly seen in Victorian times for an indefinite period of time and ensured harsh physical and emotional punishment which left them emotionally drained.

After the NASH and Community Care Act 1 989 which has now been replaced by the Care Standards Act, many of these institutions were closed and the service users were placed in community which basically ensured that people in need of long term care could live in their own homes with adequate support. Nowadays, many organizations promote equality through the effective use of leslies and procedures, as it is a legal requirement that every organization has an equal opportunities policy which generally says all individuals should receive the same high level of care irrespective of age, gender and background.

Diversity is about our differences and it takes into account that as individuals we are all unique, but deserve to be respected. Our differences can be few and many in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio- economic status and religion to state just a few. Within health and social care it is it is important that both as potential health and social care restrictions and service users we are able to accept one another’s differences, as if we were unable to embrace and accept diversity then we may not effectively communicate with the service user leading to discrimination.

It is our ability to appreciate these differences that ensure that it is a safe positive and nurturing environment and understanding one another that moves us beyond tolerance to embracing diversity within our society. When we watch aspects of the Arts (Films, Television, Music, Pictures and Dance) it allows us the opportunity to Rights are about our legal entitlements.