Exemplification on the Most Influential Person Essay

My most horrible and most memorable Winter was the Winter of 2009. I had just gotten out of the hospital after having six life-threatening surgeries from a bacterial infection that was caused from a leaking sack during pregnancy. It was the worst Winter ever! I had to stay with my mom at the time, which made it worse. But I couldn’t take care of myself, so I had no choice. While staying with my mom, it was total chaos. Not only was my mom staying in the house.

It was also my oldest sister, her two kids, my daughter, my newborn son, and my mom’s dog in a three bedroom house.On top of that, I was in constant pain from surgery, had to get my wounds cleaned and bandage changes twice a day, which was horrible. There was never enough room for all our stuff. We were always in each other’s way. And plus, I couldn’t get around good, so I was stuck in the house until I got well.

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It was a long and frustrating Winter for me. I had to deal with all that among other personal problems. My job that I had before I was hospitalized had shut down, I had no kind of money to take care of my kids, and my rent was due for my apartment.I can say one thing though. Even though I said that this was my winter nightmare, it was also a good one.

I had my mother there to take care of me and nurture me back to health in my time of need. And we all know that we need that “motherly love” every now and then. I had my loved ones and my friends the for me also.

But it really wasn’t a nightmare on that note. I call it my nightmare because of all the surgeries I had and all the pain I endured after them. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through. Not even my worst enemy.