Exemplification Paper Essay

Shamika Brown 1101 Breedlove 4. 27. 2010 Exemplification Being an educator today you have many responsibilities that come into play. I, an early childhood teacher, always allow my four and five year olds to use their imagination. This stimulates the brain and helps with the developmental stages of their lives. Have you ever wondered why children today are not encouraged to use their imagination? What I have learned in this profession is that the curriculum, the routine structured classes, and the focus on standardize testing is all that matters now in schools.

I believe this is a problem because now children will lack life experience.You learn so much when u is encouraged to pretend in class or at home. Curriculum in schools is harder now then when I was growing up. Learning through play for four years olds is generally the idea, however; in elementary and up they do what we would call demand teaching.

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This is the A B C’s and 1 2 3’s which are very important, but not in the since you lose out on everything else. There is so much more to learn in school. I understand when you are paid by the state you need to meet a certain criteria, but do not be lazy to the point where all of the child’s needs are not met.Teachers are too busy worrying about the curriculum and not about the development of the child. As long as you are teaching what the books says that is fine by them.

When we start talking about the classes; they are so routine and very structured. Everything is expected on a day to day basis. You come in, you sit at your desk, and you start doing your morning work. I don’t think there is anything wrong with good class room management, but when everything is so programmed you lack the imagination process. Teachers give out little ditto’s and worksheets, so everything is already written down for the students to answer the questions.The worksheets also take away from your imagination. It is not really giving you a chance to think outside the box, so the answer is either right or wrong. In Pre-k, the teachers are not allowed to use worksheets.

The way we teach is through learned behavior. Allowing the children to explore and learn amongst each other is a beautiful thing. Allowing them to pretend and dramatize help you see how they look at or perceive the world. Then this allows them to be more open to learning their A B C’s through a more worldly type of view. Teachers are too focused on standardize testing.I believe in instead of cramming the information down the student’s throats. Allow student’s to be more creative in the curriculum, so they will have more fun implementing everyday things into their work.

This makes it easier to grasp the curriculum or the test. Imagination is the key, and what would we do without it? In conclusion, I love being an educator and using my imagination is how I teach my students, so I will always encourage them to use theirs. Focused curriculum, routine studies, and standardize testing is why imagination is not encourage in everyday teaching.