Exemplification Essay

AMERICANS ARE USING TECHNOLOGY TOO MUCH According to Webster Dictionary, technology is the use of science in industry, engineering, etc. , to invent useful things or to solve problems. As helpful as technology has been, what with all the advances in science and communication, the human race has started to depend upon technology to the point where many people wouldn’t be able to cope with the absence of technology. Many Americans don’t even have the ability to produce an error-free English paper without the use of spell-check.

Wii game system was designed to make the player get up and actual play the game. Instead we sit down and play bowling, tennis or bowling( what’s the point). What happen about going to the mall or other hang outs to meet new friends instead we get on local websites. This extreme use of technology is only making Americans lazy and not having the ability to interact with each other. A couple of years ago there was a power outage all throughout the city of Dayton and its suburbs. Many were not prepared for this power outage.

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Stores suddenly became overcrowded with people rushing to buy things such as candles, batteries, flashlights, etc because no one had thought to have these items ahead of time. This only lasted for about two weeks and it was only in Dayton, but what would’ve happened if our entire country lost electricity for much longer than two weeks? How many people know how to hand-wash clothes, light a fire without the use of a match or lighter, or grow their own food nowadays. Some people go into an emotional break-down if they go without a cell phone for a couple days.

Not having the basic skills to survive is extremely unhealthy. But who needs it when we depend so much on technology. When the Wii first came out, people were ecstatic. Here was a way for people to golf, bowl, etc. , without having to leave their homes! Now instead of having to get actual exercise by going outside and playing a real game of basketball, people could stay inside and play the game there. Wii isn’t the only video gaming system that took real-life outdoor activity away from children and teenagers. The Xbox and Playstation also provided a way or younger people, (older people as well), to play their favorite sport without getting any physical exercise. Social networking sites such as MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, and especially Facebook, have become very popular among young and old alike. According to marketingcharts. com, nearly 75% of Americans, ages 18-34, are active users of Facebook. When Facebook was first created, its original purpose was to provide a way for college students to keep in contact with each other. It has now turned into grounds for stalking, drama, cyber-bullying, and misinterpreted text.

Many people wouldn’t say half of the stuff they say on Facebook to someone in person. A great amount of fights have been started over a post that someone put on Facebook. People could risk not getting accepted to a job or certain college, just based off on what they have on their Facebook or MySpace. Many people don’t realize that as soon as you put something on the internet, it is there forever. Underage children have gotten in trouble with the police for posting inappropriate pictures of drugs or alcohol, all because they wanted to look cool on Facebook.

Text messages are constantly being misinterpreted because there’s no tone in a text message. A person could type ‘Why do you care? ’ to someone, honestly wanting to know why the person cares, but to the receiver the sender comes across as rude and unappreciative. Communication is the key he Our country really needs to consider the affect that the constant use of technology is having on it. Technology is not a bad thing, but the excessive way in which people are using it is.

We need to stop sitting in the house on our computers or cell phones, and actually go out and meet up with our friends when we wish to speak with them. If we continue only communicating with people via internet and cell phone, real life situations will become awkward, and we will eventually lose our social skills. Even sending someone a letter in the mail is more personal than an email or text message. We need to stop making video games and television our only forms of entertainment and start exercising and getting more fresh air.

We need to stop driving a block to the store when we could walk it. We need to read more to expand our vocabulary. We need to stop hitting ‘spell check’ every time we’re not sure about how a word is spelled, and actually pull out a dictionary and look up the word. We need to make it a point to learn how to do things for ourselves that would need to be done if another power outage were to ever occur. Most important of all, we need to realize that as great as technology may seem, our extreme use of it is making our children stupider, our bodies less healthy, and our friendships less personal.