Expectations within my job role Essay

As a professional worker within Clare Lodge I have many outlooks within my occupation function.

As a secure attention place I am governed by several pieces of statute law that outline the regulations. boundaries and policies that are provided for us by Peterborough City Council. These include the National Minimum Standards. these are the criterions that the place as a whole are expected to be working to. Some of the things outlined in these criterions are wants and feelings of the kid. equality and diverseness. safeguarding. wellness and good being.

contact. placement readying and suitableness to work with kids. It is imperative and expected to work professionally in my occupation function and the children’s safety and attention comes above anything else. even when looking after your co-workers. if person is non acting in a professional mode so it is the outlook of the employee to utilize policies provided to cover with it.

The policy to be used would be in regard of “Whistle blowing” . As I am in a professional function I have my ain rights as good. I have the right to be treated reasonably and with self-respect under the policies provided. I besides have the right to protect my ain safety be it within a brotherhood angle. within a physical intercession procedure. for my ain wellness and safety with equipment provided and from a safeguarding position I have the right to non take on undertakings which I feel could set myself at hazard from allegation. It is of import that I exercise my rights and my professional outlooks. ever working within the preparation.

policies and statute law provided to me.Having feedback affects my function and practise as a professional worker. Any feedback that I receive should be constructive so that I am able to larn from it and be factual to truly reflect the practise that I show. There are several ways this feedback can be given to me. First of all I receive feedback through supervising with my line director. This involves a monthly meeting of a lower limit of one hr.

In this it is my duty to convey an docket and discourse anything I wish to talk about. it is besides the duty of my supervisor to convey any practise issues and offer of declaration or preparation to it. Second in my function I can have feedback from my co-workers through meetings. electronic mail and 1-2-1 confabs.It is of import that this happens to construct relationships with your co-workers and bring forth effectual squad working.

Last of all the most imperative signifier of constructive feedback is from the immature people. they will state you in the best manner they can if you are assisting them in the right manner through cardinal work Sessionss. misss meetings and general conversation. It is non good or professional to take this feedback when they are in a heightened province as it will non be a genuinely brooding history of how they are experiencing you are working with them.As a professional we are bound to supply a “Duty of Care” to myself. my co-workers and the immature people I care for. I besides have a CALM ( Crisis aggression restriction direction ) teacher certification which binds me to supervise Duty of attention within physical intercession within the unit.

What is meant by responsibility of attention is following all regulations. boundaries and policies of the unit in the best involvement and attention of immature people and staff. For illustration. I can non sit back and watch a immature individual be assaulted by another and in the same breath can non watch a staff member get hurt because I don’t want to acquire involved in a restraint. Not conforming to responsibility of attention is being negligent and this is against the jurisprudence under Common Law.

It states in common jurisprudence that negligence topographic points people at hazard and therefore you are traveling against hazard appraisals in topographic point and provided by the unit and its employees to maintain everyone safe. It besides falls into things such as the Health and Safety Act 2004 where all staff are responsible and have a responsibility of attention to unclutter up spillages. obstructors and describe any amendss for them to be dealt with and maintain the staff and immature people safe.