Explain how the Bible presents God as good Essay

Despite setting these boundaries, God also gave his people the gift of free-will, therefore it is up to them whether or not to follow these rules, however the prophet Jeremiah hopes for a time when people will know ‘in their hearts’ what is right and wrong and will not require written rules. This implies that God gave people a conscience in order to indirectly give them moral advice and help them to discern right from wrong. Secondly, the goodness of God is seen through the story of the creation of Earth.

In the Genesis story, it states that everything God creates is Very’ good’, including plants, animals, etc. ‘He covers the sky with clouds, he supplies the Earth with rain’ also reveals that God provides and cares for his living creations, giving them seasons and a time for harvest, and it also shows that he designed the Earth in a way that benefits his people. Thirdly, God’s goodness is evident in his forgiving and compassionate nature. In the story of Hannah, God improves her life in a way that best suited her; ‘Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

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She named him Samuel, saying, ‘because asked the Lord for him”. This shows God’s ability to perform miracles for people on whom he takes pity. When Hannah was married to a man who had another wife (who was able to bear him a child, while Hannah was infertile), there was friction between the two, as the other wife continuously boasted about her fertility and the fact that she had children. Hannah asked God for a child to stop the friction and her suffering. Taking pity on her, God provided the gift of a son, whom she had asked him for.

Fourthly, God is presented as good through his role as judge; punishing those who oppress the weak. The parable of the sheep and the goats is about rewarding those who help the needy; ‘The King will reply, ‘l tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me. ‘ This illustrates that God’s judgment for people will be after death, or at the end of time itself. Depending on their actions, their judgments will affect them for the rest of their existence, even after death.