Explain the Key Measures That Could Be Adopted to Tackle Hunger Essay

Food is essential to support population growth. As food is limited, they cannot support unlimited population growth. Even the world currently can produce enough food for everybody, but many people do not have access to it. There is abundant evidence that rapid progress to tackle hunger can be made by applying several key measures that tackle both the causes and the consequences of extreme hunger.

Strategies include interventions to improve food availability by reducing the cost of nutritious food; increase incomes of the poor by providing cash payments, like pensions or benefits which allow poor families to buy nutritious foods and build up their assets, such as livestock; give the most needy families direct and immediate access to food to improve the diets of pregnant women and young children; provide educational work on nutrition, hygiene and food preparation practices by enhancing their productive activities; invest in nutrition-friendly agriculture and livestock policies to provide foods required for children to grow up strong and healthy; provide the basis for long-term planning and for rapid response during an emergency by creating information systems. To improve the food supply by more advanced technology, more food is obtained for the demand of increasing population. Many hunger experts also believe that ultimately the best way to reduce hunger is through education. Educated people are best able to break out of the cycle of poverty that causes hunger. Simultaneously, a global food system needs better governance at national and international level. In food insecure countries, all key measures that state above could be adopted to tackle hunger.

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