To and divide it by 3. Repeat this

To see how the temperature will effect how well amylase digests starch. To see how long it takes for the starch to be digested. The variable is the temperature of the liquids. Other possible variable that could be investigated is the PH. Fair test I will make it a fair test, as I will:

Not change the amounts of Amylase and Starch  Use 3 drops of iodine every time Do each experiment 3 times and then find the average  Not change the amount of time Equipment Water bath Beaker Test tube Bunsen burner Heat proof mat Splints Tripod Gauze Spotting tiles Glass rod Timer For each experiment I will use: – Goggles will be worn so none of the liquids or anything dangerous goes into the eyes.  Aprons will be worn so nothing goes onto the clothes Hair will be tied back so it does not get caught on anything or gets set alight Accurate test It will be an accurate test, as I will do every experiment 3 times and then find the average.

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This will be accurate just in case I got one of the times wrong. Method Measure 10cm of starch and 2cm of amylase and put in 2 different test tubes.  Measure the temperature of the liquids.  Once it has reached the temperature you want mix the liquids together and start timing.  Every 10 seconds take a drop of the reactants out and add to the iodine.  If the iodine turns blue or black carry on with the experiment. If the iodine stays red or brown stop the experiment and record the time taken.  Do each temperature three times and then find the average. To find the average I will add together the 3 times and divide it by 3.

Repeat this experiment with nine different temperatures. Diagram Prediction I predict that when the temperature gets above 40? C the collision of the enzymes will get to high that starch and amylase will not react with each other as well. I predict that it will take quite a long time for the starch and amylase not to react anymore for the first temperature. For the following temperatures I think that the time will go down. I think that when it gets to about 40i?? C the time will start increasing again. I think that when I plot a graph it will look something like this.