Explanation Essay

My mother was teaching me that when you act against what is okay there are consequences. When I was little this type of thing was acceptable, however, a s the years go by people are less and less considering it constructive discipline and are more an d more considering it child abuse. When was 13 1 moved out of my mothers home and came to Minnesota to lie eve with my sister. Since I have been here, even at an older age, there have been times who en the same constructive discipline my mother used was required to reprimand me.

At this pinpoint time no longer require any discipline of any kind because the concept of consequence for wrong actions has been drilled into my head since I was very young. While my discipline took place in the home, my sister has had several omen TTS when she has needed to discipline her daughter in a public place. For example, once in Target my niece was throwing a fit because she couldn’t have a toy and repeatedly grabbed RA undo objects of the shelves and threw them on the ground. She proceeded to act this way, even a after several verbal warnings from my sister for her to cease that kind of behavior.

With nothing else working, my sister resorted to spanking her daughter lightly, just hard enough for her to n twice it but not hard enough to cause any pain. Another customer in the store witnessed the disciple line and was immediately appalled that my sister had spanked her own daughter. The the r customer then proceeded to report my sister for child abuse to the store’s authorities and cru dated a huge ordeal that required checking the security cameras to determine how forceful the SP ann. actually was.

While the authorities did declare that my sister had done no wrong or harm t her daughter, the incident still aggravated both of us. While the type of discipline my mother used on me, and the type of discipline my sister uses on her kids was acceptable years ago, it is now being seen as a form off buses. If a simple “spanking’ can be seen as abuse now, what will be seen as abuse later? There may come a time when even verbal discipline will be considered “emotional abuse. ” What will h append when the time comes that no one is allowed to discipline their children at all?