Explicit contents and plagiarism Essay

Are not teenagers too young to be overwhelmed by feelings of despair and hopelessness? In my opinion, the main reason for lousy youth behavior in general is bad parenting. Lack Of involvement, bad habits, financial problems, marriage problems are some reasons leading to bad behavior. Could those reasons be the main ones for this behavior? Lack of involvement with a teen who keeps pushing away could be fatal. If you do not know where he goes after school, who is he spending time with, who his friends are, could lead to losing your child’s trust.

Children who do not have a close relationship with a parent are at risk for en pregnancy, more likely to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and more likely to live secret life. If parents are smokers, alcoholics or drug addicts that also can have a bad effect on their child. Having financial problems in family can result with their child involved in criminal activities. Chider are also good imitators, whether good or bad things happening in marriage. If parents in relationship support each other that will reflect on a kid on a good way.

If kids see that parents are constantly arguing, yelling, calling each other names or tinting each other, they will probably repeat the same negative behaviors. Since the Internet opens a world of possibilities for young generation, but also can be very dangerous. There are so many negative effects of internet on today’s youth. Explicit contents and plagiarism, Internet addiction can reflect on mental and physical health of youth. The worst thing that could happen is to become addictive to Internet. If they are addicted, kids learn everything from the Internet, like finding a girlfriend, playing games and other.

They do tot have time for study, do homework, exercise and make contact with other youth. As a matter of fact, they are spending more time in front of the computer rather than going outside and doing daily exercise. I can not remember the last time I have seen children playing together outside. Because of that, a lot of young people has medical problems such as overweight, problems with eyes and back problems. While watching movies, children often copy fictional characters and scenes with mostly bad outcomes. They are only interested in worst case scenarios, such as: criminal, drugs, casino, party, etc.

Children often see their idols in older youth who is “popular” in society. Eyetooth is “popular’ because of their bad habits such as partying, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and teen pregnancy. In this matter they want to be just like them so they can find a way to hang out together. This “popular youth finds them as a way of entertainment and amusement. Although, they don’t care about that, they just want to be like their “idols”. While hanging out in such a contagious environment they forget what the real and moral values are.

Arguing with their parents, being a rebel ND making major changes to their appearance and clothing style, are just some of the things that can happen. Teenage pregnancy has already become enormous issue in general. Younger girls who want to be accepted by older guys usually accept unethical offers which lead to teenage pregnancy and similar things. In order to be with their “loved” boyfriend, in some cases they find the only way out by running away from home. If they are not accepted by their “loved” boyfriend, they often die inside. Psychologist have proven that this leads to serious diseases and illnesses.