Extended couple of years in eCommerce. Over

Extended Project ProposalOnline Supermarket E-commerce Website with a RecipeBox Subscription Service SECTION 1 – AIMS AND OBJECTIVESAIM:To develop an E-commerce website for a local supermarket which will allow: account creation and management; access to weekly specials; purchasing items online; delivery and pickup service; secured online payment; tracking of orders; daily recipe section; recipebox subscription service that allow you to purchase specialised boxes with ingredients from each recipe for a monthly fee; access to reviews and recommendations; social media integration; ability to save shopping lists; access to members card program.Core objectives: 1.

       Intense research – Research and review a variety of literature on the development of an e-commerce website.2.       System Requirements – required analysis is performed and the data gathered is used for further development of all the functional and the non-functional requirements of the e-commerce application.3.       Design (For the front end a prototype will be used and for the database back-end an entity-relationship diagram will be used).4.

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       Development (Using Hypertext Preprocessor, HTML& CSS, SQL).5.       Testing (To verify functionality, the e-commerce site must be tested).

6.       Evaluation (To determine success, the entire project must be evaluated). Advanced Objectives 1.       Implementation of the order online feature.2.       Accessibility Features.

3.       Subscription Service4.       Frequently purchased items and recommendations.5.       Saving frequent shopping list6.       Customer reviews and rating7.       Data encryption8.       Recommender system is used to suggest products of interest.

9.       Referral System10.   Loyalty rewards 11.   Search engine optimization12.   Responsive Design13.   Process Funnel Design pattern.  SECTION 2 – BACKGROUND RESEARCHIntroductionArvidson (2016) mentioned that the world of retail has drastically changed, permitting consumers with a lot of information aiding in making purchasing decisions and the creation of a forum to allow different types of feedback about products given by the customer for retailers’ consideration. The use of social networks and smartphones aid in helping consumers make decisions (Arvidson, 2016).

In this project, these key advanced objectives will be implemented; Responsive Design, Recipe Subscription Service, Data Encryption, Recommender System and Process Funnel Design Pattern.Responsive DesignResponsive web design has taken off over the past couple of years in eCommerce. Over the years, the number of consumers using their mobile devices has significantly surpassed the use of desktop computers (Creative Bloq ,2013).  With responsive web design implemented in this project, customers will be able to make purchases on the go. Amazon.com continues to be the world’s largest retailer and continue to vastly increase their food products, allowing consumers the ability to subscribe to items they find themselves ordering on a regular basis and have their groceries delivered right to their door (Boswell, 2017).Subscription ServiceBlue Apron Inc (2012) is an ingredient-and-recipe service which send weekly boxes containing pre-ordered ingredients to be cooked by the consumer as well as simple recipes. I decided to implement this service in my website to help busy parents save time after work, so they can cook simple meals fast.

This service will contain a box of ingredients for 7 days of meals including the recipe on how to prepare the meal.Recommender SystemA recommender system is a technology that is deployed in the environment where products are to be recommended to consumers (Kordík, 2016). Most recommender systems collaborative filtering (Jones, 2013). The recommender system will be used in this project to show consumers frequently purchased products with products already in their cart as well as to show them products that are like ones they have recently viewed.Data EncryptionOnline shopping has skyrocketed and is becoming the most convenient way of shopping. Customers’ personal information are secured such as payment credentials. From research on websites such as Amazon.

com, Walmart.com, Wholefoods.com, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will be implemented in this project to ensure a secure process for customer transactions. Also, Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCIDSS) will be practiced and enforced. Schiff (2013) suggests that all passwords must have alphanumeric characters and numbers, update systems regularly and doing routine scans. Section 3 – Resources and Skills ResourcesDawson (2009) states that once you have the right resources and that it is important for the success of any project.

However, the resources do have a cost and if it is too difficult or costs too much to obtain then the project might fail. Fortunately, I have all required sources for my project which include a Personal Computer, Zotero, software relating to project management, Developer tools and Version Control software. Hardware Tools For development to begin, A laptop is required to install all necessary software for this project. ReferencingZotero (A referencing tool) as well as the Google Chrome Zotero Extension was used to aid in Harvard style referencing as this is essential to give proper credit and proper documentation of the work of others that will help in this project. Project ManagementA Gantt chart, often used in project management, is very useful in showing how long activities will take to complete about time (Gantt.com, 2017).

The use of a Gantt chart will be used to develop my project plan. DevelopmentFor the development environment of this project, Eclipse and MAMP for hosting a local PHP as well as MySQL servers as a database will be necessary for storing all my information for the supermarket. As with appearance, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap are essential and the use of PHP code this will allow information from the MySQL database into my supermarket website.

 Version Control To review previous versions of work, in case it is needed, Visual Studio can aid in this process since it keeps a history of the development process.             Skills RequiredTo achieve success in the project, these key areas of Programming, Research, Referencing, Academic Writing, Project Management, Critical Thinking and Analytic Skills are required.SECTION 4 – ACTION PLAN INCLUDING GANTT CHART Action PlanThe report that lists steps in sequence that are necessary to achieve any certain goals is called an action plan (Rouse,2013). For me to learn more about where I stand academically and where I want to be, I need to develop and action plan that will help me achieve my goal. Refer to table 1 of appendix 1 with the illustration of the action plan. Project Plan presented as a Gantt Chart. Dawson (2009) states that including project management principles is crucial and necessary because of high complexity and large amounts of tasks within constrained timeframes. For the project scope to be determine, the literature review is taken into consideration.

SECTION 5 – RISK Risk is anything that could potentially impact your project’s timeline (Landau, 2016).  Therefore, risk identification is crucial for the success of this project. Some possible risks that can possibly affect this project include: •      software unavailability•      Unavailability of hardware (when needed the hardware is not available);•      Underestimate of size (the software artefact is bigger and more complex than expected);•      Overestimate of size (the software artefact isn’t as complex than expected);•      technology (steep learning curve, delay in progress);•      external factors (changes in personal circumstances, changes in employment, sickness).•      Poor planning•      Scope Creep (likelihood that requirements may increase)  Risk Analysis From previously identified the risks, I must calculate the effect of the list of risks, this is done by using the formula likelihood (risk happening) x consequence (impact of project) = risk impact. Consideration will be to the highest scores tied to the risks (Dawson,2009).

Refer to the tables below.Risk HandlingThe process that involves identification, selections, evaluations and implementations of options to set risk at acceptable levels given certain restrictions and objectives (Acqnotes,2017). Three ways for mitigating risk impacts include;Risk avoidance (Measures taken to reduce risk occurrence).

Risk minimisation (When a risk is detected, the drawbacks are reduced).Contingency planning (A sequence of guidelines to be put in place in case the occurrence of a risk).Refer to Appendix 3 for table 3 Controlling RiskMaking sure that I check after each phase in controlling risks is helpful as it will allow me to check the list of critical risks and make corrections if there are any. In any project, risk management is not a steady procedure as these risks can tend to possibly change and frequent monitoring is needed.

 SECTION 6 – LSEPI ISSUESLegal IssuesOne shall always be aware of legal issues that include many uses and misuses of technology. In considering legal issues in the project, legislation areas have received consideration that include The Equality Act 2010, The Data Protection Act, The Computer Misuse Act and The Copyright and The Intellectual Property Rights. This EPP’s background research in the field of ecommerce has a very detailed research background. The use of Harvard Style Referencing was used throughout the project to all work that was incorporated in this project to avoid any rule breaking of the Intellectual Property Rights Act.Social IssuesThe capability and mobility of today’s technology has drastically impacted on the popularity of the usage of mobile devices (Bemah, 2017). This has also played in part in the consumer industry with respect to online shopping. The website will feature a social change which allows the use of a recommender system that suggests items based that depends on the customers’ previous purchases, as well as the purchase of customers who bought similar items.

This is more convenient than depending on sales clerks. Ethical IssuesEthical issues can lead to bad reputation in the I.T.  field as it concerns information security.

In developing this project, legislation was given consideration as well as ethical code outlined by BCS.The Online grocery shall collect personal information from consumers such as their credit card details. If additional information is collected, the customer will be noted about it.Encryption is incorporated ensure protection the credit card payment information and passwords.Professional IssuesI will incorporate a privacy policy to make users aware of who they are giving their personal information to on my website and let them have a brief explanation of how their data would be used.Additionally, I will include prompt messages to ensure that the buyer is 18+ years when they are paying with their credit card.