Extra-curricular: also to build diplomatic and leadership

Extra-curricular: MUNI was born in Pakistan, where corruption in the government is the norm, and poverty is unfortunately widespread. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for politics, public-speaking, and keeping up with the news regarding global issues. Two years ago, my school decided to run a club called the ‘Model United Nations’ club. As soon as I heard about this extracurricular activity, I immediately signed up for it and even made the team! Model United Nations conferences are attended by students all over the world, not only to become more active global citizens, but also to build diplomatic and leadership skills, while speaking up about important global issues.

Ever since I attended my first Model United Nations conference, I have built my leadership, diplomatic, research, and public-speaking skills. After many Model United Nations conferences, and many hours of working hard to become a distinguished debater, I finally became the president of my schools MUN club! I do not only train new delegates and club-members in my school to become better debaters, but also get invited to other schools to teach people about MUN. Preparing for a Model United Nations conference takes up a significant amount of time, and balancing it with school-work and other extracurriculars was definitely challenging for me at first. I play Rugby on the side, and am part of my schools Mock-Trial and Debate team, which initially made it difficult for me to balance my time efficiently. Now that I have attended various MUN conferences, I have learnt how to better my time management skills, and incorporate my MUN work into my school life and other extracurriculars while making sure to allocate enough time for each. Model United Nations has, without a doubt, shaped me into a much more well-rounded student. I have been able to spend my time after school participating in activities that I have a passion for, while also working very hard to maintain good grades. I would recommend everybody to seek their passions in life, and make sure to find a way to indulge in them, as that is what makes life unique and fun!Response to pic:With all of the obligations that one has in this world, it is reasonable to say that life can get hectic at times.

Everybody needs an escape, to feel physically and emotionally free from the daily responsibilities and duties that come with being a human being. People often seek ways to feel ‘alive’ and unrestricted, even if it means to briefly exit their comfort zone. Throughout history, women and men have seeked for exhilarating thrills, to feel ‘out-of-the-world’, and extraordinary. Human beings have created some very complex technological creations, for people to have remarkable experiences. For some reason, technology such as theme-park rides that human beings have created for one another, to feel exhilaration, are often of a tall height. Human beings have always viewed height as being a reflection of superiority, and positivity.

When people want to feel a ‘high’ or a sense of enjoyment, they feel attracted to tall or grand structures. This ideology of tall objects as being superior does not only apply to theme-park rides, because many things, such as tall mountains and buildings, are also seen as being superior to lower or shorter ones. In addition to this, things such as expensive penthouses are almost always situated at the top of buildings, and significant figures such as kings often signify their superiority by sitting on tall podiums. People have always looked at tall heights as being respect-worthy, and honourable.

This may just be the reason why attractions such as theme park rides are where human beings often decide to spend time unwinding, and escaping reality.