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Face++, also known as a facial recognition software, uses your face to do multiple tasks. For example, at a train station in western Beijing they use your government ID and scan your face. If the face matches the government-issued photo, then your ticket is valid. It can also be used as surveillance cameras to detect suspected criminals. In China a ride-hailing company uses the Face++ software to confirm if the person driving is legitimate. This innovation can automatically detect up to 106 facial keypoints on your face which is one of the many ways it recognizes you.(97 words)2B)I used the website vennage to help me start a template to put information in a simple order. After picking a template I uploaded three images I found on three different websites. I put the images side by side with space in between to create a cleaner look. Afterwards I used a word box to type in information to give a simple explanation of what the picture is displaying. I also cited the source where I received my inforfmation at the bottom of the artifact, and the name of the artifact on top. The sources where I got my umages are in the reference section.2C) The facial recognition software has many helpful uses. Not only can it pay with their face, but some shops are now alerted when someone walks in by identifying them with their cameras. As Will Knight says, “the computer now says, “Hello, Mr. Tang.”” In other words the computer greats you once you walk in because it recognizes you. A virtual bank that grants loans uses, and when you use the app it scans your face to authorize permission into the app, so if you lose your phone nobody can make unauthorized actions.This helps the society with less thefts and more safety for their private information. In order to avoid people tricking the software with a photo to get away with theft, they ask the customer to perform a “liveness” test. This requires the user to move their head or speak for them to know it’s not a fraud. However even though it has its benefits this could put people in risk. For example, if a harmful person wants to steal your money from your bank account, and wants to transfer it. They could threaten you to do the “liveness” test, because it’s simpler than stealing from the bank. You may be able to identify the theft, but if they’re masked it could be difficult to capture your criminal. This is dangerous for citizens since they could be targeted. Before they could just steal your credit card, but now they need the presence of their victim to complete the transaction. (250 words)2D) The Face++ uses 106 facial landmarks in order to recognize you with makeup, filters, or avatars. The software also does face comparing to make sure your face is identical to the image provided by officials. Face searching is a way of finding similar-looking faces to a new face. This is used to identify people in large groups, when given a photo ID database. Even though the program can identify your age and gender what happens when you get in an accident and scrap your face or decide to have surgery on a facial area. The program will not be able to identify your facial landmark because your face has changed due to personal reasons. You would have to go to the officials of the program, and change what your face looks like in the program. This to prevent the software from identifying you as a thief, and cause data security to close your account for a certain amount of time thinking you are trying to steal money from the account.