Facebooks Privacy Issue Essay

Facebooks Privacy Issue Exercise 1 Meysam Khollari CPOL128 Sec. BAO Instructor: Laurinda Hartt-Fournier Facebooks Privacy Issue As I was browsing through the newspapers to find a social event to write my essay about, the front page of the Metro news paper grabbed my attention. The article was about the changes applied to the world’s largest social network website, with more than four hundred million users across the globe. This social network website was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. This social network gave its users the ability to update their personal profiles, check their messages and chat with friends.

As this social network evolved and became more complete, it became a great place for companies to market their products and services! In the past few years, this website has grown so much that almost every single person that I know is a member of it; even my father! Probably as you have guessed, this giant social network is Facebook, with the net worth of over 15 billion dollar, according to Crunch base. One of the biggest problems that this company has been dealing with since its establishment was the privacy issue of its users.

Up until May 25, 2010, Facebook’s previous privacy setting and options weren’t enough to earn the satisfaction of its daily users and outspoken critics. I believe Facebook has done a good job in protecting the privacy of its users in a new developing technology which no one had ever seen anything similar to it before. The Facebooks Privacy Issue problems that raised afterward was due to the issues, misconceptions and conflict of interests that were hidden from naked eyes at the time of developing the technology..

After weeks and weeks of debate over the privacy issue of Facebook, the company announced its new features towards the privacy and confidentiality of its users on the web on May 28th. When the changes take place on the website, there will be one simple control button which by pressing it everything you have published and posted will be protected and can be only viewed by your friends. Even thou Facebook engineers put so much effort to the new setting, I still believe that Facebook execs are not hundred percent sure that this privacy storm has completely blown away.

Personally I believe after this any further moves towards the privacy issue of the users will have a negative impact on the Facebook Company. “We don’t pretend that we are perfect,” Zuckerberg said in an interview. “We try to build new things, hear feedback and respond with changes to that feedback all the time. ” Therefore according to Zucherberg the chief executive of Facebook Company, these privacy changes will be introduced over the next month and it gives the user the ability to block and protect themselves against any third party sites and users.

As me and my friends were watching the news and discussing the recent changes of Facebook, many of the recent changes that this company has done was pointless FACEBOOKs Privacy Issue and unnecessary. But as we were listening to the news, one of the biggest features of the upcoming changes was that users can stop the flood of the applications and invitation towards their account by a similar one click option. Nevertheless as a user of the Facebook I believe these changes will have no effect on my Facebook account nor they will have any effect on my perspective of this company.

Not that I am against the Facebooks new privacy settings but I had no problem with the previous one either, I think media had a large role in boosting the privacy issues of Facebook and the company responded to it quickly. As one of the many account holders of the Facebook, I believe they should stop wasting their money over unnecessarily changes and invest on other interesting new features that they can come up with. For instance, one of the new features which we came up with was; the user locator! By adding such a feature to their website our friends can find out our location when we visited our Facebook account.

But again I am sure that there will be some users who will oppose such features because they think they will not have their privacy. Moreover these changes indicated that society’s concern over the privacy has gone up and they are opposing the privacy practices of Internet giants such as Yahoo, Google and Facebook. FACEBOOKs Privacy Issue “There is certainly more awareness of Internet privacy and a lot of that is also the recognition that technology is way, way ahead of regulation,” said Miriam Wugmeister, a partner at the law firm Morrison & Foerster who specializes in privacy.

In today’s world people’s concern about their privacy makes a perfect sense, because there are enough individuals who are waiting out there to take advantage of the users information through the internet. I remember that one time when I logged into my Facebook account and I had hundreds of messages from my friends who were asking me about the advertisement links that I posted on their walls! So I had to report it to Facebook. Facebook told me that an advertising company hacked my Facebook account and abused it by posting advertising links on my friends’ walls! If you find these changes helpful, then we plan to keep this privacy framework for a long time,” Zuckerberg said. “That means you won’t need to worry about changes. ” In addition I think we should blame the problems on the quick growth of Facebook, which expanded its users from thousands of people to millions of people in a very short time. I think that Facebook is doing a great job in keeping all the segments of society happy regardless of their gender, age, political views and age. Overall these privacy changes will not harm anyone and it will not have any negative impact if it doesn’t do any good!

In conclusion even thou I am not a heavy user of Facebook I am looking forward to these changes in the next few months and hopefully my account will never get hacked again. Citation Cecilia, Kang. (2010, May 27). Facebook ceo announces revamped privacy settings . The Washington Post, 5. Jolie, O’Dell. (2010, February 17). Facebook and privacy: it’s time to move on . mashable. Retrieved from http://mashable. com/2010/05/27/facebook-privacy-move-on/ Jack, Nicole. (2010, April 13). Facebook. Retrieved from http://www. crunchbase. com/company/facebook ,