Facilitating Learning and Assessment In Practice Essay

In my portfolio I will identify the current learning needs, agreement of learning and assessment of contract as well as how mentor could help in facilitating and assessment learning in my unit. It included about adult learning, strategies and suggest how the practitioner can practice of learning. I am a qualified SRN (State Registered Nurse). I am currently working in a private hospital in KL (Kuala Lumpur) since 2-year 5 months (appendix 1). I work in a general medical ward but we do nurse other types of cases such as surgery, cardiac or even pediatrics.

This usually happens when there is an overflow of patients and not enough beds available in the respective departments. Before working in this hospital, I have a 3-years working experience in Haemodialysis Unit as an assistant nurse (Appendix 2). The working environment of working is totally different; first being a staff nurse comparing to an assistant nurse and second, the medical ward to a dialysis unit. Recently one of my senior staff resigns, her place had been take by SRN Lim (not her real name) (Appendix 3).

Previously she had been working in Coronory Cardiac Unit (CCU) for 10 months and she also undergone a shot of Diet and Diabetic counseling, as she is very interesting on this topic since she as a student. She realize, on this specialist she can learn how to control our diet program. Since my manager Ms Ros (not her real name) had received her as our new colleague, I had been requested by Ms Ros to mentoring SRN Lim for more familiar and educate with the common procedure in my unit. Identifying learning needs, planning and managing the student experience.

Since she new, in my unit I need to teach her a lot of things fist to become familiar to her for example to know documents – documents , how to received new admission , transfer in or out patient from CCU / Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) / or other ward , how to give good quality to patients and how to teach patient,, about diet and diabetic education. Recently in my unit we received a lot cases such as surgical, cardiac or even pediatric. This usually happens, when there is an overflow of patients and not enough beds available in the respective department.

Last two month we received such cases of diabetic in old patient cases not forgotten young patients also. I planned to teach her about how to give diet and diabetic management to patients as got diabetic and obesity. Even thought, she has been working in CCU before this for 10 months, it’s totally different. Before that I need permission from my unit manager Ms Ros. I has been signed form, as I fully responsibility on guiding her about my leaner (Appendix 4). According to Roger and Freiberg (1994) “the mentors the student for their current level of knowledge and competence, which may be extensive or minimal”.

In this discussion, I acknowledge, Ms Ros about the leaner program so, that she will arrange the duty roster accordingly. If working with the leaner in the same shift can give advantage in the information. She also can learn a lot and as a leaner, I will plan what shot I need to teach her. In identifying her learning needs her learning styles, learning strengths and weaknesses, motivation and self confidence. According to William learner that we given control over their instructor, might be move likely to thing what their doing. On the first day SRN Lim become one of medical staff ready.

I need to introduction to other colleague in my unit, location of all related form, medication such as Floor Stock Medication (FSM) and Dangerous Drug Art (DDA) and not forget about the unit environment. According to Panno (1992) “Ideally the formal learning program should cover a variety of subject and use various teaching method. It should be planned following an assessment of learning needs”. And I requested SRN Lim to come a bit early to check DDA before started over shift. Learning Style and Questionnaire of Honey and Mumford (2000) as SRN Lim had learn for her assessment (Appendix 5).

Education assessment as describe in www. wikipedia. com and from www. yahoo. com , usually in measurable terms, skill, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. Assessment that I focus on STN Lim is individual learning, the learning community (group work, class, or workshop) or the education system as a whole. The result of SRN Lim learning style is based on Reflector and Theorist (Appendix6). According to Honey and Mumford (2000), “there a got four individual learners vary between weather they are activists, reflectors, theorists, and pragmatists”.

One of learning style that I use for SRN Lim is collaborative learning. Collaborative learning focuses on the development to transferrable learning skill, work skill and life skill. Working together, in one group to gain benefit in the learning progress. In collaborative learning provide a clear practical meaning to the information given, and also provide good quality of care for patient and increase the quality. By doing a case presentation on her topic which is include other peer learning group such a student or junior members , SRN Lim has be able to fit in easily.

This will encourage SRN Lim to be independent learner, promote critical thinking and she can understand more deeper on the patient condition. According to Biley and Smith (1998) “when student are made responsible for their own learning they are encouraged to use their existing knowledge to determine their needs and so further their education”. That is shows that how Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) to encourage leaner to integrate theory and practice experience with real situation. Before SRN Lim started her diet and diabetic counseling with patient, I gave space to her to observe her senior first.

By this observation, SRN Lim can to promote her congnitive learning that develops her thinking skill by information that she saw and knowledge as she already have. this supported by Ausubel et. al. (1978) “assimilation theory is based on the view that most meaningful cognitive learning taken place as a result of interaction between the knowledge the individual already possesses, and new information that the individual encounter”. SRN Lim had been wisely to take the opportunity and she volunteering to give her counseling to that patients (appendix 7). She had been gave a very good performance and explanation with confident.

I can realize from the patients face and same patients asking question and SRN Lim able to answer with her knowledge. Even though SRN Lim able developed her skill and knowledge , but still have same place to improved for examples she need speak laugh and she still need to know more about food item. Facilitating Learning and Teaching To achieve a good in practice, is begins with developing a good relationship between mentor and SRN Lim. This was done one first day that SRN Lim join in my unit. This is done since the first day, by knowing each other of both professional and personal lever of both.

According to Wilkes (2006) that learning environment between mentor relationship with student is more influential. A good relationship between me as a mentor and SRN Lim promote effective communication. To achieve in good and quality in practice skill, communication is the best for them. The role of mentor practice placement is important to supporting student learning and assessment process. Learning contract which are often used in self-directed, independent learning are the classroom, allow student to be more involved in their learning, to become active in their knowledge.

After all clarification has been done, SRN Lim agreed to signature on the consent in Learning Contract (Appendix 7). Webster (1991) defines contract as “on agreement between one or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified” (p. 295-296). Webster (1991) also definers learning as “knowledge acquired by systematic study in any field of scholarly application” (p. 772). The agreed learning contract of SRN Lim for the prior of two week when teaching was conducted daily. It’s six session per week.

During the session, I discussed about theory, reasoning are logic of subject. This for, how SRN Lim following the practical session (off patient). As my mentor I will given more knowledge retain, more information for better teaching. It taken two weeks to completed for orientation about the unit, before I started my learning progress as to make sure SRN Lim comfortable and familiar about new place. After finished my briefing SRN Lim agreed to acknowledge me as her mentor and SRN Lim signed the consent letter (Appendix 8).

This arrangement is very important because relationship between the mentor-mentee will have a affect to the outcomes at the learning process as supporter by Neil Gopee (2008) “For two individuals who are usually unknown to each other, adopting the mentor-mentee roles presupposes that they have to be able to communicate with each other, develop a rapport, and cultivate a working relationship at the very least”. Open learning is increasing in nursing education. It this article the author considers open learning and discussion between mentor and mentee.

As a mentor I did to assist SRN Lim to evaluate existing learning packages or to the procedure her own open learning materials. On this, as a mentor I realize she is very good knowledge in practice and learning environment. Most of time, I will observe SRN Lim, about her knowledge from internet and intranet for further information. And she able to self-consept and mores from an of being a dependent personality according to (Knwles, 1984). In facilitate learning, the assessment of SRN Lim performance is very important in ensuring the measurement of leaner, mastery level as well as educators performance.

During the courses I observing SRN Lim, that her performance to practice and assessment it provides an objective benchmark of progress for both myself and SRN Lim. According to Francis M Quinn (2006), there are three basic aims of assessment, first, it should assess student performance in relation to the aims of particular program in question, second, it is should be regarded as an integral component of the teaching and learning process, and the last encourage the students to undertake self-assessment and reflection on their learning.

However the focus and formal, as a assessment very important to new student to update their skill. According to SRN Lim she able to focus on her counseling, that was I observed during she give explaining to her patient (Appendix 9). I knowledge, that two weeks program is not sufficient for SRN Lim but however with continues practice and communication that she able to outcome from the problems. Even thought the program is carried a shot period but two weeks, is a good changes to SRN Lim will forget something. But she able to plain and finish with smoothly and success on her program and practice within two weeks.

According to Wilkies Z (2006) student might forget because the stimulus or environment cues are not present or because too much time has passed since they learned something. There are many factors that effect how much we learn and our knowledge. This portfolio is based on teaching SRN Lim on how to collect the information details, from patients. SRN Lim needs to teach about diet and diabetic counseling for patient. SRN Lim had teach to patient about, correct time support to take diet, to take medication on the times and mush do same exercise on day before take food.

Even though SRN Lim has been working in CCU, for few months but this learning totally different to her. She needed to learn a lot of new thing about this department. Learning definition according to Gagne (1983) ia s “ changed in human disposition or capability which persists over a period of time and which is not simply ascribable to the process of growth”. Future more, I instructed SRN Lim to create own learning diaries. This is encourage her to produce her own learning portfolio which will be supported by relevant evidence of her commitment.

This portfolio able to use into her continuous learning and development as stated by Sally Glen and Pam Parker (2003), “diaries can be essential to promoting a constructive dialogue for development”. To SRN Lim is support she reflective on her learning by using diaries. Reflective practice is associated with learning from experience, and important strategy for health professionals life long learning. Engaging in reflective practice is associated with the improvement of the quality of care, stimulating personal and professional growth.

Gibbs (1988), “reflective cycle is fairly straightforward and encourage a clear description of the situation, analysis of feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion where other option are considered and reflection upon experience to examined what you would do if the situation arose again” . The Gibbs Reflection Model is a six element cycle through which a professional service deliverer can identify, reflect on, and assess professional competency.

This is six elements of the cycle are (a) description (b) feeling, (c) evaluation, (d) analysis, (e) conclusion, (f) action plan (Appendix 10 ) During the learning program, I have been to cost for one day, as ordered my manager. Before leaving, I had gave my mentee to my senior staff to observing her during that day. And also I had gave, same work to finish during that day. One the next day, my senior acknowledge, that SRN Lim able to do her job within the time and she is very understanding to her practice.

And SRN Lim developing her communication skill with patients and team members but has needed prompting with some professional expectations. At the end of the program, SRN Lim will be evaluated (Appendix 11) by me and the senior members of my unit and she also will give an evaluation (Appendix 12) on me as a mentor. This is very important, to measure her strength and weakness in proper adjustment can be made in the learning program. At the end of learning program, SRN Lim is required to answer a set of question that is been general based of learning program.

All of senior in my unit also involve in giving a feed back on her performance (Appendix 13) and as a learner she mush accept the feedback from her senior. According to Hardyman and Hickey (2001), is needed to develop the skill of reflection in learning program. Providing ongoing support and guidance for learner. Learning is a long life study and process on which learner will discover new skill and knowledge in new environment place. Providing ongoing support and guidance, for SRN Lim to know that she is supported and guided during the program.

Even an experience, SRN Lim had keep to learning either it is done purposely or not. However it is important for the mentor to provide continuous support and guidance for the leaner as in this case. This is highlight by Mackenzie (2004) “support and feedback is important not only for student, but also their mentors”. On this process, also develop a good relationship between mentors and other staff in the working place. A good relationship, can gave a good impact where the leaner can gain on their knowledge.

According to Philip et al (2000) and Neary (1997) stated that “adopting a team approached to mentoring and monitoring the student’s progress, which in turn could also strengthen the reliability and validity of the assessment process”. Emotion in working place, play a large role in how an entire organization communication itself and with other staff in working place. Emotional stated in the workplace both their behavior and attitudinal. When these level of relationship is achieved, SRN Lim start to feel secure and confident within the learning and eventually will influence her toward student centered learning.

Making SRN Lim feel confident encourage her to explore and develop her skill, analysis, refreshing and creativity. According to Quinn (2000), relation between learner and mentor is paramount. I acknowledge that my first task of supporting SRN Lim begin with the familiarization and orientation to the ward environment. New environment have its own sets of culture, opportunity as well as problems. Since two week in learning program I convince SRN Lim that, the whole experience that she has been will go provide comprehensive learning area.

Conclusion in learning program, I had discoved same element that I think would give a good impact in facilitating and mentoring. SRN Lim a good student and she able to finish her program in on time. I would like sharing, about my leaner have a lot of information about learning program that she get from internet, reading books, magazine rather than that as a mentor also can improve their knowledge and skill practice. I would like to say, thanks to my manager as she gave opportunity to teach new staff in our unit. Even though the program is quite successful, there are still same space for improvement that can be done.

The element that I have use are as below:- ? Introduction – how learning will be introduce in her new environment including practice area and the staff. ? Observation and hands on –learner are require to observe , the senior observation before they do a hands on ? Feedback – important as it generated information that can use for future learning. ? Empathic understanding where the mentor should be able and willingvto view situations ? Concept- learning concept are understand ? Improvement and develop communication skill and support ongoing relationship. ? Application and problems solving.