Factor Behind Aspiration

AResearch ProposalPresentedto Senior High SchoolUniversityof the AssumptionCityof San Fernando, Pampanga  InPartial Fulfillment of the Requirements forPracticalResearch 1  Castro,Kobe BlakeKabiling,PamelaLumba, Oleksandra NicoleMalquisto, Christ’l AnneReyes, AudreySalvador, Angelo KarloZablan, John Patrick Consultant: Danica Estabillio 11 – St. Vincent de PaulJanuary17, 2018 INTRODUCTION When pertaining to the word “aspiration”, anindividual pictures many different things to aim for. Likewise, theseaspirations always lie under certain reasons or factors that push people tostrive for something or an event. As stated in Merriam-Webster, it is a strongdesire to achieve something high to which someone is motivated to work veryhard.                 Aspiringis part of life. Every individual aims for something to someone or forthemselves. For a baby crying because of hunger, a student or employee waking upearly to be on time, a father working hard for his children, and many morescenarios displaying the term aspiration. In this case, the parents andteachers are the one who will lead the children in which the purpose or reasonis to make them cognizant and notice the importance of having a goodperspective and right doing in school (Reifman, 2012).

                 Studentsalways aspire while in school. Each of them has their outlook in studying. Somedesires for a higher average such as an A or a 90 and above grade and theothers are striving for a passing grade. However, there is always a reason offactor behind these aims like family influence and financial matters. Regardingto what Kurtus (2012) said, the reasons why there are students who pursue goodgrades it is because they want to be a top student or they are proving thatthey know too much the subject, they want to please their parents, as mentionedrecently, and of course to reach college or acquire a good job.                 Thisis the reason why the researchers have chosen this topic, to ascertain thefactors that affect the students for aiming academic excellence and thestudents who aspire only to have passing grade, and to inform them the trueessence of having it. Based on Dr.

Fioriello(), the significance of attaininggood grades to students is to impress someone, to evade the parents’ glares andreprimands, be the “teachers’ pet” and to have money or many kinds of rewards.At the same time, there are also students who are not after with grades.Rather, they are more focused in playing such as basketball.     OBJECTIVES                 Theresearchers seek information concerning to those students who intended toachieve academic excellence (with honors, with high honors and highest honors)and passing grade.

Therefore, this study aims the following: 1) To know ifthere are more students who are aiming for an average of A or those who arecontented with passing grade; 2) To know the factors that affects the studentsin aspiring “academic excellence” or a passing grade; 3) To know if theseimpacts has a positive or negative effect to each student. STATEMENT OFTHE PROBLEM The students often strive for excellence,they obtained awards continuously working for the best attainment they canhave. Others often envy them for these awards without digging down the reasonof their aiming on these achievements.

                However, there are also students who arealready contented to have a passing grade and were not pressured to have an Agrade or average. Thus, the researchers want to list down all factors on why dothese students aspire to pass the subject or to have a higher grade and whatare the impacts of these factors on each student. Thus, the researchers want to know if theSTEM students of the University of the Assumption Senior High School prefer tohave an A grade or a passing grade.

The study seeks to describe the following:1) Who will be the possible students who aim for an average of A and those whoare contented with their grade? ; 2) Why they are aiming for academic excellenceor a passing grade? ; 3) In what way do these factors affect each student? SIGNIFICANCE The researcher will know the factors thataffect the students for aiming academic excellence and the students who aspire only to have a passing grade and toinform them the true essence of having it.                 The study will inform the society about themindset of each student about the impactsof these factors to them, whether it is a positive outcome or not. Because thereare reasons why they aim for a certain grade like family background andfinancial issues                 Thestudents will be able to share their views about why they are striving for suchgrades and how does these affect them.

Hence, the parents will understand the feelings and to determine the proper actions on how to amend the students.Likewise, the teacher will know how to properly guide the students when itcomes to this kind of school matters. SCOPE,LIMITATION AND DELIMITATION                 Thescope of the study includes  male andfemale Senior High School STEM students that are currently studying at theUniversity of the Assumption who finished the first semester with either apassing grade (75%-89%) or an academic excellence award (with honors, with highhonors, with highest honors) having a grade equal or greater than ninetypercent (90%)                 Theresearchers did not include other information from the respondents that willnot contribute to the study and only the reasons of their aspirations will beappraised                 Thereis no assurance that the instruments or strategies to be used may be a hundredpercent successful due to the following limitations:1)    Somerespondents limits the information they are giving and2)    Unpreparedto answer the queries. METHODOLOGY                 Thisstudy wants to descry if why SHS students in University of the Assumptionaspire for a higher grade such as A or a 90% grade and above or a passing grade(75 to 89%). As usual there is always a reason such as making their familyproud, financial problems, and for a better future.

According to what Dr. Fioriello() said, students achieve good grades because they want to please someone, toacquire price like money and to be the teacher’s favorite. For those who do nothave concern with grades, they are only concentrating with odds and ends suchlike playing. In addition, Kurtus (2012) mentioned that parents’ satisfactionand being a top achiever are also the factors why students having good grades. This study is a qualitative type of Research.The aim of this study is to know the factors behind the aspiration of SHS STEMstudents in terms of their academic performance.

                 Theresearcher will collect the data’s from the respondents’ feedback to the surveyquestionnaires given. Thesis, books, and internet will also because as a guideand supporting facts.                 Theselection of participants must be currently studying STEM strand at theUniversity of the Assumption Senior High School and was done using thestratified sampling design. The researchers will classify the participantsrespective first semester general average into two following categories, thepassing grade and the A grade, and choose the equal number (15 each) ofparticipants in each category randomly.                  Theresearcher will include the demographic profile in the questionnaire that willbe answered by the respondents and a letter of consent will be presented to theteacher assigned in each class.

It will be conducted during school days toavoid conflicts in schedule between the researchers and the respondents.                 Thedata gathered will serve as proof of the study that such factors in theaspiration of students exist and that these factors has certain effects to eachstudent either a negative, a positive effect, or both. QUESTIONNAIRE: 1.      Are you finewith the passing grade or aiming for a higher one?2.      Who pushesyou to achieve something?3.      What gradeare you aiming for, an average of 75-89% or 90% and above? 4.

      What urgesyou to aspire for this certain grade?5.      Are thereasons really affect your grade? Why?6.      Is there ahindrance for you to aim this grade? If there is, what is it?7.

      Do youexperience any instances like physical, emotional, or psychological problems?State if you have any.