Factors That Determine Personality Development Essay

Personality Development In order to understand someone’s personality you have to be able to determine certain factors that make them they way they are. In my opinion I think that ones personality is shaped at a young age by the persons upbringing and can change over time based on the personal experiences that they go through. As a kid I was always very sociable, had a lot of friends and never had any trouble fitting in and meeting new people. The reason I think I never had trouble making friends and being sociable is because I am dependable, considerate and I’ve always tried to treat others the same way I’d want to be.

So according to McCrae and Costa I would have high scores in the factors of extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. The debate about if your personality from a young age stays with you for the rest of your life is a hard question to answer. I personally think that in my situation that I will have those traits for the rest of my life, but everybody is different. I have known people that were close to me that underwent experience that were good or bad and after the fact had changes in their personality.

I think that I will stay the way I am for the rest of my life because I like the way I am and the personality I have now has treated me well and I think it will continue to throughout my life. I don’t know for sure because there could be unexpected events that make me have different outlooks on certain things but I like to think that I am strong enough individual to not let those things effect the person I am and the person I want to be. Knowing this information is useful to my development because it helps me see what I see myself as and if the opinion I have on myself is the same that others would say about me.

I asked both of my parents if they thought that my perception of my own personality is the same as they would say about me and according to them it is. This information can also be helpful by seeing all the different factors that go into making up your personality and can give possibilities on why it is you model those traits. Also it can help give a better understanding for why as I get older and go through different experiences why my personality changes moderately.