Factors that Make Megastar Media Cineplex System Successful Essay

Running head: FACTORS MAKE MEGASTAR MEDIA CINEPLEX SYSTEM SUCCESSFUL A Discussion about the factors that make Megastar Media Cineplex successful HCM UNIVERSITY OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY DEPARTMENT Abstract Megastar Cineplex is one of the most famous multiplex cinema chains in Vietnam. In recently years, movie-going is more and more familiar with Vietnamese people and Megastar is among popular cinema systems .

The objective of this study was to find out the factors making Megastar Cineplex system successful.To collect data we will send questionnaire form to 60 guests coming to Megastar cinemas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, ask them to fill the form and collect questionnaires; besides, we will interview the Cinema Manager (or Assistant Cinema Manager), and observe the staff on duty. Based on the details with the proportion which is worked out from questionnaires, we will conclude the factors leading Megastar Media to succeed . Moreover, the result of this study maybe useful and will provide valuable information help cinema businesses refer to improve their system.The factors that make Megastar Media Cineplex system successful – A discussion Nowaday, our social is developing, people’s leisure needs become higher and higher. Going to the cinema is one of indispensable entertainments in most people’s life. Many modern cineplexes in the world are built and operated in recent years.

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Not only in the world, cinema market in Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular has the competition between foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises.Compared to other domestic enterprises, Megastar Media Cineplex is considered to have outstanding. Opened on September 2007, Megastar is the first cinema in Ho Chi Minh City. Megastar Cineplex Hung Vuong Plaza attracted nearly million visitors in 2008. This is one of cinemas that achieve the first international standard in Vietnam; and it is also the only cinema that has branches in major cities throughout the country such as Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Bien Hoa, and Hai Phong.Especially, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are three Megastar cinemas systems: Megastar CT Plaza, Tan Binh District, Megastar Cineplex Hung Vuong Plaza, District 5 and Megastar Parkson Paragon, District 7.

All of them are modern cinemas with the high price providing high class’s services. Despite that high price, Megastar Cineplex still attracts many customers. Probably, there is a question that what factors that make Megastar Cineplex system successful in Vietnam are.

According to many experts (2010, October, para. ), some necessary elements to the success of the venture could include: location of the Cineplex would be built within a trade center with all entertainment areas, food malls and inside area of the Cineplex has also to be fairly extensive; there is all modern equipment; they allways update the latest movies and have many promotions for customers; staffs have to professional skills. Actually, Megastar Cineplex is easily accessible and they bring a lot of convenience to customer. Customer can enjoy films with modern and comfortable seating system.Besides, Megastar combines many activities such as entertainment, shopping, dining…in the same area. Megastar is the ideal cinema to satisfy people’s leisure needs. Firstly, the location to build a modern cinema is considered to turnover decision of investors.

Accordingly, the position of cinema must be located in the central district, crowed population with the convenient transportation. According to Lyons (2008, January, para. 3): Of course, location is not a nuance that is exclusive to any one particular business. When it comes to operating a business, location is everything.Of course, like most cliches it is 100% accurate as well. For many businesses, location truly is everything. After all, location is often what drives the bulk of a business’ revenue and if you miscue in setting up your business’ location you could kill off all future success.

Obviously, at present, Megastar Cineplex is one of the cinemas has the most beautiful location in Ho Chi Minh City: Hung Vuong Plaza, District 5; CT Plaza, Tan Binh District and Parkson Paragon, District 7. These are the hot places of Ho Chi Minh City-one of the most competitive markets in Vietnam.The establishments of Megastar Cineplex have met the demand of high class guest often living there. Secondly, Megastar Cineplex Media system is the first cinema was built with international standards in Vietnam. All facilities are equipped with Dolby Digital sound system to achieve the most excellent sound and picture quality; and seating system is very modern, comfortable, easily adjustable tilt and arm chairs (Thai Ca, 2009, para. 5). In particular, Megastar has available seats for children to help them watch the movies easily and Megastar is also specifically designed 9-10 pairs of chairs for couples (2009, para.

). All films are screened in cinemas retained the original language and subtitled in Vietnamese. Megastar Cineplex is also the ideal place for meetings. Megastar provides beverage services such as Heineken beer; Highlands’s coffe… in air-conditioned rooms and you can watch the movie trailers on the big screen TV and comfortably access free wireless Internet (Thai Ca, 2010, para. 5).

Decoration and atmosphere are very important things in attracting guest for the first impression. Megastar Cineplex has beautiful and luxurious space; interior decoration creates romantic settings appropriate for young people (2010, para. ). Besides, Megastar Cineplex is also the first cinema in the forefront of 3D movement in Vietnam.

All cinemas in Megastar system have 3D movie theaters with the most advanced technology. As Brian Hall (2010) claims that: Audiences are very quick now, especially young audiences; they approach new things fastly. Based on the market in the region has similarities with the Vietnam market at this time, I can confirm that 3D movies will soon have a place here. As many 3D versions, 2D movies will be better supported, audiences will be curious to want to know how the three dimensional versions of the film look like.Two types will not have competition that will complement each other. This is the reason why Megastar Cineplex has a good image above many cinemas in Vietnam. To create the attraction for audiences to movie theatres, quality and release date of films are very important factors. Understanding this, Megastar tries to provide the latest films with the highest quality to the customer.

“Apart from the cinema is synchronous investment, modern design, Megastar is also the biggest importer and film distributor in Vietnam market, holding importing film contracts with 4 in 5 best film producers in Hollywood”(Ngoc Tran, 2010, para. ). Megastar is considered pioneer in the field of imported films in Vietnam, the film is released near or at the same time the world premiere, movie projector ensures selection of quality and timely (Thu Pham, 2011, para. 10). Thus, “the Megastar cinema system has quickly attracted a large audience with surprise large revenue. Specifically, in 2010, Megastar turnover in Vietnam reached 23 million USD. In Vietnam’s market, many “blockbusters” had reached one million dollars in turnover after a few release days as Avatar, Kungfu Panda 2 ..

. hrough the system of Megastar Cineplex” (Anh Minh, 2011, para. 2). In a competitive market, businesses want to survive and develop; they always consider customers as “God”. Along with the development of the economy, the satisfaction process of consumer not only in quality but also in customer service. Customer care is invested in a professional manner achieve the highest satisfaction of customers (Hoang Yen, 2010, para. 2). Moreover Susan ward (n.

d) also notes that: Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business.You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won’t be profitable for long. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. Because of the importance of customer service, Megastar always provides to the customer the high standard service and professional staff, Megastar can satisfy the most hard customer. We can see that Megastar Cineplex system was successful in building brand and become the wonderful destination for film lover.

Megastar cinema system got international standard, modern decorating, and high class service and updated with the new latest movies. So, Megastar has attracted a larger a mount of customers come to the cinema. To understand deeply about the success of Megastar system, our research aims to find out the answer for these following questions : 1. What does the high standard of Megastar Cineplex system to satisfy the entertainment needs for their customers? 2.

How good are the facilities and the services of Megastar Media? 3.What have Megastar Media create the unique atmosphere to attracting for customers to their entertainment systems? 4. What did Megastar Cineplex system do to achieve the outstanding success? Method Participants Participants of the research will consisted of three Megastar Media ‘s managers (or at least Assistant Cinema Manager),who had at least two – year experience working in the cinema , the staff on duty and 60 customers who had chosen randomly among those watching the film at Megastar cinemas on Friday , Saturday and Sunday evenings .All the chosen cinemas belong to Megastar Media Cineplex system and located in district 5, 7 and Tan Binh in Ho Chi Minh City.

We choose these participants because the managers with two-year experience have essential knowledge as well as skills in operating and managing the successful cinemas; the staffs have the factual professional serving on duty; and the customers outnumber on week-days and have experiences at these cinemas . By this way with the information was collected about the manager, the staff and the customer, we will try to find out the factors that make Megastar Media Cineplex system successful.Material We will get the data by three ways: – Interviewing directly three invited managers (or at least Assistant Cinema Manager), who are working in Megastar Media cinemas by the Interview sheet. In this sheet, we divide into part A and part B. Part A is the background of the invited manager. Part B includes questions about cinema manager’s duties, Human Resource Management and Customer Management of the cinemas. – Observing staff when they are on duty by the observation sheet . The sheet s divided in to two parts: the first part offer the information about location, time, total guests and total staffs ;the second part includes 20 questions to evaluate the staff’s activities through the stages: when guests come, when guests enjoy their film and when guests leave.

We will observe and evaluate staff‘s activities based on the frequency when they do their job such as: always, usually, sometime, rarely, never… – Delivering and collecting questionnaire approach from guests coming to the cinemas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. We design questionnaire form in Vietnamese to facilitate the collection of opinions of guests.There will be included 19 questions in questionnaire form; being separated in two parts . The first part consists of thre questions for Respondent’s background. The second part includes 16 various questions referring the opinions and evaluations of guests about the cinemas system. Procedure – In the manager interview , the leader of our group will be assigned to come to the cinemas on Monday to contact to three manager on duty .

Because she is the most suitable people in our group to interview three manager with her fluently English and good communication skill.She will get the short interview to them about 10 to 15 minutes, show the purposes of the research and send them our gratitude after the interview. -In questionnaire process, we will assign 3 member of our group coming to the front of gate in the cinemas and delivering the questionnaire forms to the guests. Each member will give questionnaire forms for 20 people. During delivering the questionnaire forms, we explain the purpose of the research, are willing answers any other questions, and give them sincere thanks if they complete the forms. After the guests have watched their film, we also will collect all questionnaire forms from them.

We work on three nights of the specific weekend and collect enough 60 finishing questionnaire forms. -The staff‘s observation will be carrying out on the evening of Saturday by a remaining member of the group. The evening of Saturday is the most appropriate time to observe because this is the ideal weekend for watching movies. Of course on this day, the number of people going to the movies is also very large. She will stand in a corner of the sales ticket stall and the serving food and drink stall to observe the staff’s activities; the corner must be convenient for observing and not obstruct the staff’s working.

She also asks for the permission of the supervisors on duty and asks he uses observation sheet to observing and evaluating the staff’s activities. Sending him our gratitude after the observation sheet is finished. We will thank the contributions of all participants as a gesture of our goodwill. With their collaboration, we will collect information useful to study and to complete our research.

The data obtained from all sources of investigation will be later treated statistically to create a conclusion and survey in details. ResultsIn general, after collecting information from the answered questionnaires, we will analyze quantitative data. Based on our questionnaires, data will be arranged and analyzed in two steps: frequencies and percentages. To be more specific, with the questions from number 1 to number 4, we will find out how people know about Megastar Media. In other words, the popularity of Megastar Media will be measured. Moreover, we will also know the position that people rank Megastar Media among other cinema chains, reasons will be given. In addition, the frequency when customers come back will be identified.

In the next two questions, we will know whether they have come to Megastar Media or not. If not, what reasons will be given. In addition, the frequency when customers come back will be identified. Questions number 7, number 8 and number 9 asked customers about Megastar Media’s location, service, and products will help us evaluate customer’s satisfaction at Megastar Media. These three questions will give us some reasons in case those customers are not pleased with.

Finally, the rest question will propose reasons why people have not come to Megastar yet.Based on their opinions, we will find out possible solutions. Besides questionnaires, based on observation sheet and interview sheet, we will find out the factors make Megastar Media system successful.

Discussion We will restate the results of this study and evaluate them based on our hypothesis. Turning to hypotheses we have made assumptions in the end of literature review part, we will discuss whether the consequences will be what we have anticipated. If the results are as predicted, we will make a progress in improving factors helping Megastar Media more successful.After we research and collect opinions from different people, we will mention the popularity of Megastar and also give some comments. Next, another hypothesis given at the beginning was that most customers would be not satisfied with Megastar high price. Through the collected results, Megastar Media with high price will be discussed and suggestions will be proposed. Finally, we have predicted that there is a diverse movie with localized offers in all Megastar Media in Viet Nam. If the outcome is not as what we have expected, we will find out what problems are, and how to resolve it.

In addition, the limitations of this report will be mentioned, along with suggestions for the future research if any. References Cinema-Theatre Attendant – All Information. (n. d). Next Step. Retrieved November 11, 2011 from https://nextstep. direct. gov.

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vn/han-quoc-som-chiem-linh-thi-truong-rap-chieu-phim-viet-nam-11551694. html APPENDIX A INTERVIEW SHEETMANAGEMENT IN MEGASTAR MEDIA CINEPLEX SYSTEM A. Interviewee’s background Name:Age (Male ( Female Working experience in cinema:years Currently working at: (of Megastar cinema) Time working at Megastar cinema: Current position: Reason why you choose Megastar to work B.

Management in Megastar Media Cineplex System I. Description about the cinema manager’s duties 1. What is your working time? ( Official hours ( Shift working ( Other 2.

Do you often meet, greet and get feedback from customer directly? ( Always ( Usually ( Sometimes ( Rarely ( Never . What must you report? |Time |Report | | | | | | | | | | II. Human Resource Management .

What are the cinema‘s requirements for recruiting a staff? ( Knowledge ( Appearance ( Foreign Languages ( Personality ( Soft Skill ( Experience ( Others: 2. How often does your cinema need recruit new staffs? 3. Normally, who have duty on trainning for new staffs? ( Manager ( Assistant of manager ( Current staff ( Others 4. In your opinion, do you think that the workplace here can help staff improve themselves?