Fairy Tale in the Mind of Holden Caufield Essay

My group is the next to the tee and I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to hit this first shot. I worry about hitting the ball out-of bounds on the first hit and being down strokes on the first hole. The first group finishes hitting and begins to walk off the tee, I watched how they hit and two of them hit in the fairway and the third person hit it in the rough on the right. Then as my group waited to tee off we flipped the tee to see the order of who teed off. The first person that is going to hit is the kid from East Pennsboro, next is the kid from Susquehanna Township then lastly me.

As the first group was getting out of view the kid from East Pennsboro got ready to hit, he didn’t have that good of a swing because he had a baseball swing and probably will not be on the fairway. Then he hit and my thoughts were correct he ended up in the woods on the left. I felt his anger and hoped my tee shot will get me off to a good start. The next to tee off is person from Susquehanna Township and he stepped up on the tee, he had a much better swing and had a good stance unlike the first guy. He hit the ball good but it didn’t have that much distance and unlike the first guy went in the fairway.

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Then it was finally my turn and as I stepped up the wind died down, now was my time and I teed the ball up quickly. I stood back and looked down the fairway for the different variables on the hole. There was out-of-bounds was far right and there was woods on the left but the hole had a fairly wide fairway. I begin to think of how I plan to hit the ball and I plan on putting a slight draw on the ball to give it topspin so it will roll more. I feel good about my swing and when I felt ready so I stepped up to the ball and pictured my ball in the fairway. Then I brought the club back…