The Fall Of The House Of Usher Represents A Darkness Of Evil Essay

The House of Usher represented an isolated and unhealthy environment that lead to a life of destruction. The mansion expressed dreadful lifestyles. Dreary moods were brought forth when confronted with the gloomful walls of no preexisting happiness.

Insufferable views of no normal humanity existed. The exterior architect, as well as the interior view, manifested darkness and presented a mansion of gloom. The isolation of the mansion was merciless. Fears of rejection in society lingered above the lonely structure. The dark colors expressed loss of individual respect leading to a destructive lifestyle.

At the same time, evidence from afar offered no structural imperfections of the mansion. The masonry was still intake after several centuries. There were no visible records of instability existed on the structure. On the other hand, a close view revealed the ancient woodwork appeared to have been rotten for many years. In fact, the woodworks harsh conditions indicated the pressures of receiving no external air.

It was destroyed within the mansion and thrown outside to wither away. Beyond the extensive decay, the structure suffered from severe neglect of cleanliness.An overspread of fungi overcame the mansion and caused a discoloration to its structural features.

The now gray walls and silent tarn bestilled a dull, sluggish, and faintly discernible to the architectural appearance. Moreover, the fungi covered the mansion, the decayed woodwork was thrown around, and thousands of tangled webs expressed no sign of life existence. A slow occurrence of destruction was visible.There was an inconsistency with the standing masonry and the adaptation of parts to the crumbling conditions of individual stones. Perhaps the eye of a scrutinizing observer might have discovered a barely fissure, which, extending from the roof of the building in front, made its way down the wall in a zigzag direction, until it became lost in the sullen waters of the tarn (147). It seemed the mansion of gloom was deteracting one individual crumbling stone at a time. More significantly, the first glance of the interior architect was horrific. The Gothic Archways brought forth a feeling a fear that was non-negationable.

In the like manner, the stealthy steps conducted a slow and agonizing walk to what seemed to be a death parlor. ” While the objects around me-while the carvings of the ceilings, the somber tapestries of the walls, the ebon blackness on the floors, and the phantasmagoric armorial trophies which rattled as I strode, were but matters to which, I had been accustomed from my infancy-while I hesitated not to acknowledge how familiar was all this-I still wondered to find how unfamiliar were the fancies which ordinary images were stirring up”(147).A mingled expression of low cunning thoughts stayed abroad his face; In fact, the silent journey through the interior of the mansion conducted through many dark and intricated passages. The vague sentiments of light accosted him with a view of a door. The view of the study had approached. The door was thrown open. It was a very large and spacious room.

Similar to the rest of the mansion, any light was barley visible. The windows were long and narrow, in resemblance to a pair of eyes. They displayed a vast distance from the black oak floors.

The windows appeared to be inaccessible from within. Feeble gleams of light encrimsoned light made their way through the trellised panes, and served to render sufficiently distant the prominent objects around; the eye, however, struggled in vain to reach the remoter angles of the chamber, or the recesses of the vaulted and fretted ceiling”(148).The antique furniture was composed throughout the study, and was visible comfortless. At the appauled look across the room, a realization had came to terms. The loftiness of the room expressed an irredeemable gloom. The oppression of the large and non-organized master’s study was insufferable.Consequently, the vault had been mentioned and a fear was aroused. In the early days, the purpose for the room was indicated for a donjon-keep.

Combustible substances were conjoined beneath a portion of the floor. The long archway throughout the room expressed no visible light. Upon the first glance, the vault was noticeable sheered in copper. The door was made a massive iron. The immense weight of the door revealed a sharp grating sound as it was precautiously opened. The coffin laved deep beneath the vault door; Nevertheless, the screws had to be withdrawn.

The possibly deceased person lay inside the vault, as the room mystical seems to have closed in. ” We replaced and screwed down the door of iron, made our way, with toil, into the scarcely less gloomy apartments of the upper portion of the house” (156). The isolation abruptly revealed a destructed life. The darkness exposed both outside and inside expressed an unhealthy environment.

The exterior walls were slowly fallen downward. The interior colors and no visible light available, displayed no life satisfaction. The architect suffered a lack of imagination; Moreover, it manifested dark and evil hensing forth mansion of gloom.