The fall into sin. Without Eve we would

The fall of man as seen described in the first book of the Holy Bible,
Genesis, is portrayed as a sinister act. The fact that Eve fell into temptation
seems to be the foundation on which everyone bases his or her misplaced chance
at paradise. What many people fail to see is that much good came from the
fall of man, and should be thanking Eve for choosing to fall into sin.

Without Eve we would not have the concept of free will, good would have
never existed without bad, people would not have adapted and would have
been satisfied with their original surroundings, and we would act automatically
without any thought. Man would be and just be. You will not die. For God
knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like
God, knowing good and evil. When the serpent tempts Eve, she is given the
chance to choose to eat from the tree of knowledge. She chooses to eat and share
her fruit with Adam. When they eat of the tree, their eyes are opened and they
both realize that they are without clothes. This is the point at which man
recognizes the concept of free will. Now that Adam and Eve know the difference
between good and bad, they have the responsibility of making
choices. As opposed to the choices being made for them by their creator, God,
before they ate of the tree of knowledge. We now have the power to choose what
we want and not the way fate, or God, directs. Many people can also argue that
good cannot exist without bad. There would have never been a
difference unless Eve ate of the tree. We would be like children. We would sin
and not know. You can look at it like two extremes, black or white. The color
white is made up of all colors and can only be a color if colors existed. Same
with the color black, black is the absence of all colors but can only be
described that way if there were colors. We can only be described as good
if there were bad in the world and strayed from it. Besides gaining free
will and good or bad, we were able to explore the globe and settle.

If Adam and Eve would have never eaten the apple, they would be satisfied with
their surroundings. The fact that God banished them from the Garden of Eden
forced Adam and Eve to propagate, and forced offspring to explore and settle the
globe. This is where all the great explorers come into play. Christopher
Columbus had the opportunity to discover a part of the world, just as Ferdinand
Magellan had the good fortune of circumnavigating the globe for the Catholic
Church. As a result of travel, we were able to grow physically and mentally.

Like in The Odyssey, Odysseus has to travel to several islands and other
interesting places to find himself. Without the knowledge of good and
bad we would only do what we are told and not what we choose. Exactly like
Adam and Eve were treated while they were housed in the Garden of Eden. We would
have automatic motions, motions without any thought or hesitation. We would obey
blindly. The human race would look like robots controlled by remotes, God being
the lucky bearer of the remote controls and us being the robots. The fall of
man is inarguably a good thing. Man would not have all the things and
thoughts we have today. The human race would be stuck; there would be no
movement to advance the human race culturally, mentally, and scientifically. The
knowledge of good and bad make us what we are. Without it everyone
would be too similar. The world would be perfect. Man would be and just be