Family relationship is important in one Essay

Grand has taken care of him all his life and owe, as Grand is getting old and forgetful, and is never quite well, it is his turn to look after him. (pig 9) “Grand never forgot to take his pills because (Roy) made sure he took them. ” (pig 1) Roy makes sure that Grand takes his pills, and often leaves school on time though sacrificing his game of football to get hot pies from the baker for their lunch. Grand relies on Roy to bring him his lunch every day. (pig 9) Roy stops attending football practices because no one would look after Grand. pig 10) Roy lies to the coach, Mr. Hood that he is not interested in football anymore. (evidence #1) When we need help, we can always count on family members to sacrifice for us just like Grand counts on Roy to help him. Roy also ignores others’ pleas to not take up the responsibility of caring for his grandfather. “Roy can’t do everything. He does the shopping and the cooking. He’s only a boy… He needs help,” Doctor Nicola says. (pig) Darrel says that “It worries my mum, Roy. She says that at your age you should be playing football. You shouldn’t have that mind of…. Sociability. ” (pig 20) Vale Jeep’s says “You’re just a boy Roy. You can’t take the responsibility of your grandfather, not any more. ” (pig 52) However, Roy feels that Grand is his responsibility since he is the only family member he has. (evidence #2) Roy takes good care of his grandfather ensuring he gets his meals, medicine and love. He does all the housework and schoolwork, not an easy task for boy that young. When Grand is sick, he has his grandson, Roy to take care of him. This shows that family relationship is important in one’s life.

Family members take good care of each other. Since Grand is very forgetful, Roy ensures Grand stays safe from his smoldering pipe which he always leaves in his pockets. Roy “grabbed a vase filled with flowers from the receptionist’s desk and threw the water all over him” (pig 3) to extinguish the fire in his pocket as he left his pipe there. Roy is very patient with his grandfather who gives him all sorts of trouble like throwing his homework away instead of the rubbish. Grand has rubbish in one hand and Roe’s homework in the other.

He puts the bag of eggshells and potato peelings in Roe’s ruckus sack and Rooms homework in the rubbish chute. Then Roy has to tell his teacher, Mrs. F-oleo a lie about his homework jotter as he cannot hand in his homework. Grand has done this many times causing Roy to lie that he has lost his homework to aliens, dogs fighting over it and seagulls snatching it out of his hands. Mrs. Foley has scolded Roy three times that week for forgetting his homework. (pig 6) Young Roy understands the importance of a family unlike his father, Jeff, who leaves the family to fend for itself. Evidence #3) Roy will not allow Grand to be separated from him, for example, sending