Family Reunion Essay

“Sabrina. It’s time to go on our family reunion. Are you packed? ” Aunt Zelda yelled. “She is going to be so psyched when she figures out the family secret! ” She said to Aunt Hilda. I lived with both my aunts because my father is always doing something in the galaxy and because there is the fact that my mother will turn to wax if she sees me because she is mortal. “I’m coming; I was just deciding which shoes to wear. Should I wear these or these? ” I said holding up two different pairs of shoes. “I personally like the glossy purple ones over the- what am I saying? We have to go. NOW! ” Aunt Hilda was saying. Okay okay,” I said zapping in my luggage, “ready to go! Hawaii, here we come. ”

The landing was pretty shaky, considering we just zapped ourselves from Massachusetts to Hawaii. “Sabrina, this here is our room. Your room is right through that door over there. Oh, and there was one thing we were supposed to tell you. You can’t have any fun until you figure out the family secret. ” Said Aunt Zelda while leading me to the room in the corner. It had two chairs, a table, and the blackboard with the clues for the family secret. “But but but… ” I said “No buts Sabrina. There will be severe consequences. Aunt Zelda said as she pushed me into the room. “If you need us, we will be at the beach. ” Aunt Hilda said as she zapped on the grass skirts and everything else for a day at the Hawaiian beach. “Fiddlesticks. One great family reunion this is. ” I said as I plopped myself in the chair. “So the first couple clues are ‘Aviary m+ember love-l the Spellman fay+me+Robert E. Lee hiss b+horn whip a twine. Every member ove the Spellman faymelee is bhorn with a twine – e? I got it! It’s every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin! ” Immediately I was on the beach with my aunts and was wearing the grass skirts and the coconut shells.

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Congratulations Sabrina, you finally guessed the family secret and now you have your witches’ license. Now your twin; Sabrina, Katrina, Katrina, Sabrina. Now go have fun. ” Katrina and I spent quite a few enjoyable hours together. We went to the beach, went on a double date, and even went to the bar and enjoyed drinks. “Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, why didn’t you tell me I had a twin before? This is so much fun! Are your twins just as nice? ” I asked, ecstatic. “Not exactly sweetie,” Aunt Hilda said. “You see, the twins are separated because one of them is evil. Either you or Katrina are evil. “Oh no, Katrina is evil. But she is too nice, unless…” I said gasping. “I am the evil one. ” “Well, we’re just going to have to wait to find out. We have to go to witches council; where they decide which one of you is evil. ” The longest hours of my life were passing as slowly as a snail sliming its way through the sidewalk. My aunts and I were finally taken to the judge in one quick flash.

“Settle down people. Let’s get to the point. Either Sabrina or Katrina Spellman is evil. Today, we are going to find out which one of them is. ” The judge said in a raspy voice. Okay the first question…” But Sabrina tuned him out as she saw a dog and her puppies approaching. “Awww… You poor thing, do you have an owner? ” Sabrina said softly petting the puppies and then raised her voice. “Is anyone the owner of these dogs? ” “Sabrina, can you answer the question? ” The judge repeated. “Umm…I wasn’t listening. Is the answer purple? ” The judge shook his head. “Katrina, it’s your turn to answer the question. ” “Okay, well I like people and j’adore dogs, so I want to be a vet. ” Everyone clapped loudly. ‘No,’ Sabrina thought, ‘I really screwed this up. Next time I should pay attention to the question. WRONG! ” The judge shouted, his voice even hoarser than before. “Sabrina won this round. She didn’t focus on getting this question right. She focused on the homeless puppy unlike Katrina.

Round one, to Sabrina. ” Sabrina’s aunts cheered wildly. “Round two is to see who uses magic for the kindest acts. Let’s watch. ” He pointed at the table in front of him and popcorn appeared. The first video was of me, but in this video I was caught doing magic for all the wrong causes and reasons. I was making things better for me and it showed me doing magic only for my benefit. “Charming video; now for Katrina’s. This time, the video showed Katrina doing noble acts such as baking bread for the poor instantly, reading books to orphans and other selfless acts. “As you all can see, Katrina is the one who wins this round. Well, since it is one to one, we are just going to wait and see who will win the third. Court adjourned. ” “Sabrina, you have got to help me. The doctors just said they heard purring from Harvey’s mother’s stomach. It looks like that spell you put on Harvey and me switched the babies from his mother and a stray cat, Lola, that I found. ” Salem said. “You need to come now!! ” Salem was my cat.

He was a convicted felon whose plan to rule the world was foiled and was sentenced to 100 years as a cat. “I’m coming Salem. Couldn’t you have kept them apart? Now I am going to be the ‘evil’ one. ” I flashed myself to the hospital in which Harvey’s mother was going to having kittens instead of her baby girl. “Salem, I have the stray cat. Looks like something went wrong with my spell. Gotta run. ” I said as I put on a doctor outfit. “Mrs. Kinkle, you have to hold this cat. It will, umm, help you with the delivery. ” I said handing her the cat. “Okay, just hurry up. ” She said in a strained voice. Right then, the other doctors walked in. What are you doing in here with a cat? Doctor, I’m sure you know that they are not allowed in the ER! ” The lead doctor said. They were starting to become a nuisance, so I just pointed and their hands instantly became red. “Is this what I think it is? ” The female doctor asked. “Definitely. It’s the barbeque sauce we had for lunch. Let’s go wash off. ” “Finally. Mrs. Kinkle, listen.

You have to touch the back of the cat for a couple minutes. ” I said in a hurried voice. “Here is a spell that went wrong. Put these babies where they belong. ” And with a flash, the kittens and the baby were switched again. Salem, I got to go before anyone sees me. Oh no, I just realized something. This act was full of selfishness so I can be deemed the not evil one. Now I am the evil one, and I can’t live in the mortal realm anymore. ” “Well, it was nice knowing you Sabrina. Say, could you leave a couple fish for me back home? ” Said Salem. “Salem! That’s not nice, but I will miss your evil scheming. ” I said before I went back to the other realm court. “Have a seat people. We have some deciding to do. Since Sabrina’s act was full of selfishness so she could be deemed the not evil one, she is the evil one. ”

Everyone gasped. “Sabrina is not the evil one. My Aunt Hilda exclaimed. “If anything, it is Katrina! This is downright outrageous. ” Aunt Zelda followed. But the judge just said, “Now we have to go to the volcano. Katrina will push Sabrina in. Volcanic acid is the only thing that destroys a witch. Forever. ” I gasped – I would never see anyone again? “Lead the way. ” I said in a deranged tone. We were standing on the edge and I peered in. This was pure torture. “Ok Katrina, you may push Sabrina now,” the judge said. “Fine by me. ” Katrina said as she somewhat joyfully pushed me in. “Katrina,” everyone said as the caught their breath, “you are the evil one.

This was a trick question. The nice one will never push the other twin in. Although, this is the closest anyone has ever gotten to being pushed in. ” He said as he chuckled. “I’ll get you Sabrina. ” Aunt Zelda said as she twirled her finger. “Katrina you are going to the evil twin jail in the other realm as you can no longer stay in the mortal realm. Say hi to Jessabelda for me. ” “I might as well,” Katrina said, “seeing as I have nothing to do for the rest of ETERNITY! And I owe it all to Sabrina. Thanks twin. ” I noticed a little evil gleam in her eye. What could I do? She was the evil one and I do get to go back to Harvey! 🙂