Fargo Movie Analysis Essay

The movie Fargo is a crime and drama film which takes place in Minnesota in 1987. Jerry goes to an unknown place to handle business. “Fargo” means “a place outside your normal existence that, once visited, alters your Life forever. ” The title Fargo creates a better movie because Fargo was an outside place where Jerry made a deal with the person that kidnaps his wife.

Fargo makes the whole of the movie because this is where everything changed. Jerry was in a different place which caused his life to change. The point of view started from Jerry’s perspective with how he was dealing with the kidnapping of his wife.It then switches to the perspective of Marge where she is living her different life with her husband. The crime drama genre if the movie is very intense. The graphics of seeing people get shot and seeing the blood shed is also added to how intense the movie was. It is very thrilling to watch because you always want to know what may possibly happen next. In this movie, I consider Marge a hero in this movie.

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Marge was very determined to find the two men and her being pregnant and working on a case like this just makes her more admirable.It’s like during the movie, when Marge goes to work because she is trying to arrest these two guys but it is the complete opposite when she gets home because goes back to her life at home. Marge succeeds in finding the criminals that have been muttering people for some money. The actors make it easy to pay attention to the character rather than the actors themselves.

The symbol of snow shows the emptiness of Minnesota. The snow creates the feel of nothingness but Marge creates a different world out in the snow. It also creates a feel of isolation and confusion because nothing can be seen.The next symbol of the suitcase in the snow gives the feeling of loneliness. With the suitcase being the only thing just randomly buried in the snow with a small red scraper it shows that the suitcase won’t be found in the midst of all the snow that goes on for miles.

The other statue of Paul Bunyan as an attraction in Minnesota helps move the plot of the story along. The wood chipper is the most eye opening scene. This is because it looks so gruesome with the blood in the snow, and the foot sticking out of the chute. The sock of Carl still being on his foot gives the feel of realism i the movie.In one shot, the statue is lit from below, making it look especially sinister. When Marge arrests Gaear, he stares out the window of the police car, looking at the Bunyan statue as they drive by.

There are some far angle shots that make it look like the snow has taken over the world. The close ups on the dead body gives the viewer chills because it looks so weird with all the ice and frozen blood with a lifeless body. Another thing is that Jerry was so collected about his part in his wife’s kidnapping. He was rehearsing to try and find how to sound panicked for when he called Wade.In the background there a pig figurines that look like they are laughing at Jerry. The Gundersons represent a reversal of traditional gender roles and the gender roles in the Lundegaard household with the husband staying at home and the wife making her way out in the world.

The music is the movie is also somewhat eerie. Fargo was a movie that was able to widely capture two different lives that both somehow mold into one situation. People live their lives differently and they act differently so the movie being title Fargo was a great way to have the movie be described as.