Fast employee fired over diversity row considers

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Google, as known as one of the biggest multinational
companies in the world, is known to serve both the customers and their workers
with both respect and passion to keep their services running at its peak. This
essay has settled multiple motivational theories that has been implemented in
organisational behaviour that Google currently uses within their company to
ensure high productivity. This is essential for big companies like Google, as
motivating their employees has an impact on their reputation. However, with these
motivational theories intact at Google, they are seeing the results from it as
they are rated by Forbes as the best company to work for year after year
breaking records for their successes in both motivating and as a company.




Employee engagement and satisfaction is something that the experts
at Google enormously perceive and respect. A site called Career Bliss assesses
10 scratch components of associations that effect pleasure, including:
work-life adjust, one’s association with their boos and companions, workplace,
work assets, remuneration, development openings, organization culture,
organization reputation, every day assignments, and employment control over the
work performed consistently. Representatives of the site rate their organization
on every one of the 10 factors on a size of 1 to 5. Workers of Google scored
the organization 4.31 on the rundown in 2012. In 2012, the organization hit $50
billion in income making 2012 their most successful year in regards to the
years before. Accordingly, every year they have seemed to be making even higher
revenues which allows Google to stay as competitive as ever and gives them another
reason to continue their performance on being one of the best motivating companies
as it is clearly paying off as the profit and the efficiency of Google
correlates with the high employee satisfaction ratings that the website states.

Theory Y by Douglas McGregor, also famously known as the
management theory is applied by Google too. Theory Y can be characterized as a
thought that demonstrates the positive perspective of the employee and accepts
workers might be goal-oriented and self-propelled. It additionally suggests the
hopeful management theory that workers are for the most part creative and find
work as satisfying as possible. Google, offer an innovative and participative
environment that to empower their employees to be efficient in accomplishing
the company’s objectives. This helps Google, as they are constantly looking out
for new ways to enhance their brand, therefore keeping their employee’s
creative is the best way to achieve this as they may come up with bigger and
better ideas to work on for the future, which comes from motivating their
workers on a right scale. However, a down-side to this theory could be that not
all workers may have the same mindset and be independent enough to motivate
themselves so therefore some tasks they may have to complete may not be down
within the given time-scale therefore costing Google both money and time they
have put in for these workers that may not be able to conclude their work at a
given time.

Furthermore, according to Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory,
employees are influenced by hygiene and motivation factors. This can be broken
down within Google as well who amazingly also keep to this theory. Herzberg
states that hygiene factors are those that ensure that the employee stays
satisfied within the business. Basic hygiene factors are conditions of
workplace, the job itself and the policies the company has. Whereas the motivation
factors are there for the employee to enhance their performance and increase
their self-productivity. Google has adhered to Herzberg’s theory as seen, they
are trying to ensure their employees to have fun at the workplace as well as
keeping their workload to a minimum, so they can fulfil their potential. So,
this can be evident from the amazing perks that Google offers to their workers
as well as having a safe and friendly environment within the company. However,
the Two Factor Theory may benefit the employees more than Google itself as they
spend too much time and money to satisfy their employees regarding a better
return within time, however if the employee is not fulfilling his/her role or
quits their job, this is a big loss for Google because they spent money and
time to keep this employee motivated but did not see an effective return from

On the other hand, during research there is evidence that
Google like every other company does have a downside which affects the employee’s
motivation in the long run. For example, Google’s hiring process is as
demanding and lengthy as never seen before, they take up 2-3 million applicants
annually. Past employees have criticised this severely as they claim it has
“affected their thoughts to work at Google”. This clearly demonstrates that
even before the employees officially work at Google they must undergo a
stressful phase to even start being motivated enough to work. However, despite
the negativity of this process, it is only right for Google to implement this
type of recruitment process as it can be linked to the expectancy theory by
Vroom. As if the applicant performs at Google’s expectation then that
individual would receive a respected outcome. This ensures that it is all about
how the applicant motivate themselves before working at Google and managing to
go through this stage of recruitment. As after they manage to pass, they are
faced with “limitless” motivation within the company, with intrinsic and extrinsic
rewards. For example, free doctor’s appointments, gyms, high pay etc.

Larry Page, a CEO of Google believes that a workplace should
always have workers who consider themselves family rather than colleagues.
Furthermore, he stated that “The company believes that treating people well is
more important than making a lot of money”. This is great indication that
Google deserves all the credit they receive from articles and journalists. With
this mindset Google manipulate both their market as well as their company
motivation as it proves that they are working to achieve happiness in their
company rather than working towards large amounts of profits. It has proven
that employees enjoy their time at Google and that they are doing a good job to
increase the drive in their workers. Larry Page’s statement also signifies
Google’s link to Vroom’s expectancy theory, because if the workers are treated
and engaged this motivates them much more and increases their efficiency. This
is because they are acting in a family manner where everyone is respected
equally and have their say, therefore treating people like this allows them to
enhance their skills and qualities to perform better. Page has quoted this also
during his speech by saying “If you treat an employee correctly, then you receive
better productivity” also “rather than thinking about the hours you’ve done,
think about the output instead”. This is very powerful in the sense of
motivating workers, as they do whatever is necessary to compete with competitors
such as Yahoo, Bing etc by working along unique motivational theories to have
an impact making their workers more efficient. Vroom’s expectancy theory
suggests just that as Google have showed what they are capable of to commit to
this theory, for example if they allow the employees to be free within the
workplace and ensure that they are treated, this will ensure that they work
harder and become more creative.

According to Maslow a person’s background and previous
experiences might shape what needs are dominant for them, as people who had an
unstable childhood might be dominated by ‘belonging needs’ whereas for others
self-esteem needs might be more important than love (Maslow, 1943). Maslow
clearly provides a clear viewpoint to see who in a workplace may need more
motivation from one source than another, therefore by Google adhering to his
pyramid they can analyse which employee in their company may lack or need more
of type of motivation. Recently there was an employee fired at Google who
claimed that “women are less suited in certain roles in tech at Google”, this
incident did not go on lightly as Google acted at an immediate response, then
later released an article on their own browser about diversity and women at
their company which titled as “Technology is changing the world. Women and
girls are changing technology.”. This necessarily proves that despite providing
excellent intrinsic motivation within the company Google still wanted to prove
to potential female candidates that they’re also as respected as the male
workers therefore still providing some sort of motivation for their current
employees and potential staff in the future.

Google with its incredible heritage is known for being one
of the best in its respective market. They have a remarkable background in
their way of motivating their employees to achieve the best out of them. For
example, Google is known to motivate through both financial and non-financial
ways, one being very high salaries and other being every employee’s ideas are
respected and considered. Their success comes from their brand image mainly as
they wouldn’t be considered a monopoly but still have a large domination within
their market. This makes Google a target by competitors. As they follow the
motivational theory that is “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. It is evident that
Google take extra care when they are looking after their employees as they
clearly meet every stage of Maslow’s Pyramid. It is important for them to
incorporate such a well-known theory into their business since most firm
believers of Abraham Maslow’s theories believe that a successful business can
only run if it consists of the correct factors of motivation. Knowingly Google
manages to match itself to all the details within Maslow’s theory. For example,
Google provides food, for physiological need, provides high level of security
and employment for safety, respect for their colleague’s ideas for love, high
salaries and ranks for self-esteem and the opportunities Google give to their
colleagues such as promotions, and advancement could cover self-actualisation
from this theory. Sinek, a motivational speaker claims that “When people are
financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested,
they want to contribute.” (Sinek, 2015) Therefore it is essential for a company
to provide non-financial motivation alongside financial. Google can be said to
be the best at committing this as they have many non-financial motivation
techniques for example, free food, fitness centres and a Laissez-Faire
leadership style. This encourages the employees to contribute more for their
role at Google, according to research companies like Google are “40% more
productive than the average company”. This example demonstrates how well the
company is doing in terms of motivating because it wouldn’t be possible to find
the best employees in every aspect for the job, however finding average
employees but motivating them to become better through “self-actualization” and
boosting their self-esteem as stated in Maslow’s theory has made them become
more productive which research shows that Google’s employees are currently
known to do more work in a day compared to average workers at different
companies who contribute to the same amount of work in a week.


Motivation is known as a massive factor in any workplace
ranging from small companies to massive companies such as Google, furthermore
it is about how these companies can help increase productivity of their
employees by proving how they can obey to motivational theories within organisational
behaviour. This essay will include how important motivation is and how Google
manages to keep their employees driven and talented. A successful organisation
is one which keeps their workforce motivated as it is one of the most important
aspects known to increase the productivity coming from the business. Google is
one of, if not the best internet browser in the world, however what goes on
behind the scenes is very fascinating as research has claimed. They are known
to be one of the “Best places to work” as voted by Forbes for 6 years
consecutively. This essay will continue to discuss about how google manages to
secure the top spot and how they keep the workers morale at the peak for their
effective service. Motivational theories that are involved within google can be
said to be “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Mayo & Herzberg’s theory”.


The Essay: Assessment


References/Bibliography at the end.

Are there any other motivation theories that
could be linked to Google from their motivating factors.

How google has faired in motivating their
employees and if there is room for improvement of are they possibly overdoing

What has been mentioned within this essay

Talk about how important motivation is within
businesses, and how it has a positive effect for the business.


What have past employees said about Google, is
it really the best or are there any potential loopholes that may be not seen.

How Google can be linked with other competing
companies and whether or not Google is out-dominating in their market.

The role of motivation in terms of Googles
Motivating plan.

“The company believes that treating people well
is more important than making a lot of money” thus why making the employees
work in a motivated manner always.

Motivation theories linked to Google, Mayo and
Herzberg’s Theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Non-financial Motivation – Employee’s ideas are
respected, open-plan office, Laissez-Faire leadership style, innovation
time-off, perks, “employee of the month” awards

Free transportation for the employees, Bonus 10%
increase, free food, fitness centre and medical appointments

Financial motivation – Google’s employees pay
start from $82,600 and goes up to $140,000 when they are at their mid-career.

How does google motivate and retain talented
staff – Done by brand image, treating employees through perks, voted as the
“The best place to work for ” as number 1.

Main body:

The motivational theories that google associate
themselves with e.g. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg and Vroom’s
expectancy theory.

How Google have a big influence in motivating
their staff

Talk about Motivation – What it is, how does it
impact a company, is it only positive?


Chosen organisation: Google.


Choose one
organisation (either from the module or your own reading/experiences) and
discuss how it tries to motivate and retain talented staff, drawing on aspects
of the main motivational theories to show why it might be effective. 

Essay Plan

In order for me to perform better next time, by looking at
all the helpful feedback, I believe that I could try writing in a reflective
way before the actual assessment to improve my experience in writing this way,
also keeping focused on the important information only and not repeating myself
over and over again, which I tried very hard to not do this in assessment 2.

Moving onto theories, the feedback from my teacher suggests
that I did not use the correct theories to validly explain the groups situation
and what we could of used, for example I spoke about Belbin’s theory which is
about groups working together and enhancing their performances, this was not
valid due to the fact that our group was very fragile and we just got to know
each other a week earlier, so I understand why this wouldn’t like with my
situation, therefore in the future I would go through more theories and look at
for key facts of that theory to see if it suits or doesn’t suit what I am
writing. Furthermore, from the learning styles, I believed I could have
contributed more to the group I was learning from a different style, this was
not the case in the essay because I had just stated which learning style I would
have liked to adopt but without looking at how I could adopt this learning
style, therefore this part of the essay was not clear enough as seen from the
feedback too.

From assessment 1 which I was graded at 57/100, I believe I
lacked a lot of important vocabulary and essential points, theories etc.  Therefore, from the feedback I was told I had
a nice flow within the essay but did not link my findings to the question after
each paragraph. For example, I was told that in the Introduction of the assessment
I did not talk clearly about the question itself but was talking about what the
presentation was about, for example instead of talking about how I will be
reflecting mine and my groups actions towards the presentation and the
aftermath, I began instantly talking about the presentation itself which may
have caused me to get a lower grade than I had anticipated. Furthermore, looking
back at the feedback, it is evident that I have not talked “enough” about reflection
but took a more descriptive approach on the task at hand. This was clearly due
to the fact of my unprofessional experience in writing in a reflective manner, I
believe I did not have enough experience to ensure that what I had written was aligned
with the question itself. Despite showing good examples of how my group was not
performing well due to lack of commitment, it is proven from the feedback that I
over-done the explanation for this part of the essay as I had repeated myself
over and over which had given me an excuse to not receive the grade I wanted.

Reflective Feedback


Mehmet Er
Assessment 2 – Motivation
4HURM001W.1 People and Organisations
Kamala Balu
Due: 14th December 13:00pm