Fat Tax Essay

‘Fat Taxes’ In our society, there is a massive obesity problem which causes people to die prematurely from heart attack or high blood pressure. So, the health experts discovered a way to prevent people from eating foods that might have negative effects on their health. It is a new kind of tax that is called ‘fat tax’, according to which consumers are called to pay a small amount of money, every time something unhealthy is purchased. In my opinion, the aforementioned tax should l save a lot of people’s lives and pockets.

People need to be discouraged from eating foods that will make them sick and cause numerous problems to them. I personally believe that preventing something from happening, is better than struggling to deal with it. So, if people stop consuming unhealthy foods, they will not have to pay a fortune to the doctors in the near future. If the ‘fat tax’ is applied, it will be gradually accepted, just like the idea of anti-smoking campaigns.

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A plethora of people reacted, but then they started getting used to it. Some people though, have a different opinion. They think that taxing people, for this particular reason, will have a negative impact on low-income families and it sounds unfair, as the huge corporations that sell junk food, have to take the whole responsibility. Well, I think that this tax is not a tax on the poor, but a tax that can be used to help the poor.

They also sarcastically mention that people will end up paying a body weight tax. Let’s take the religious perspective Were Adam and Eva overweight? Are people supposed to be overweight? I do not think so. Of course, I have no problem with obese people, but I strongly believe that health is the most significant factor for a well-being. Besides, there are many healthy foods that are way tastier than the junk ones. If ‘fat tax’ is applied, it will help a lot of people lead a better life.