Fatal Attraction Essay

The movie Fatal Attraction isn’t your typical love story. However, it’s a common story of that jilted lover that the majority of us have experienced. In the movie we have the two main characters by the names of Dan and Alex. It was a relationship that started from what Alex liked to call, instant attraction. Alex and Dan first came across each other at an office party. Their relationship quickly escalated to something more. Alex didn’t want to just be a one weekend fling she wanted to be the wife. Only problem is, Dan is already married.

It’s a simple story about the discrepancy between infatuation and being in love. When does ones actions just become a little carried away and it becomes a case of fatal attraction? Early on in their first encounter the conversation was brief and a little flirtatious. They were talking at the bar and got to know each other a little bit. The next time they saw each other they were making eye contact in the office, during a staff meeting, and flirting a lot. They got caught in a rain storm and decided to go on a lunch date. This innocent date turned into a lot more when Alex asked Dan was he discreet.

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He replied with a “yes” and things took off from there. They ended up having a weekend full of hot passionate sex. When Dan tried to leave to go back home, Alex decided she wasn’t having any part of that. She started throwing a temper tantrum and began to rip his clothes off. She then presumed to kick him out. When he was about to leave, she began to cry and tell him how sorry she was. Then he saw her wrists and the fact she had cut them. This can almost been seen as a ploy to make him stay and so he could feel sorry for her.

In A Certain Smile by Francoise Sagan and the movie Fatal Attraction; Dominique and Alex both told the guys, they were partaking in an affair with, that they loved the two men. In A Certain Smile by Francoise Sagan, Dominique told Luc she was in love with him while they were sitting in a hotel together. In Fatal Attraction, Alex told Dan this same statement. Both men however had different responses when telling the woman that the relationship couldn’t be. Luc stated “It would bother me; I certainly shouldn’t find it flattering. I’d say: Dominique, hm…Dominique, forgive me. ’ ” (p. 06). When Alex told Dan this he simply responded with telling Alex, no that pretty much she was crazy. She knew that he was married and that nothing could continue with this relationship.

He put an emphasis on this by saying that it was just a quick fling and needed to be left at that. Dominique reaction to Luc was simply just to accept the fact that it wasn’t worth keep bringing it up because she knew her place. When it came down to Alex’s reaction, she had no interest in accepting that. She didn’t like to be told no and in fact she said her famous quote, “I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, DAN! With the way the two women reacted you would have been led to believe that Dominique was the older woman between the two. In conclusion, this movie really showed a deep look into how love can drive a person to do some crazy things. In certain ways, Alex, was like most women. Women don’t like to be ignored and deemed irrelevant in a man’s life. Alex was a woman that didn’t want to be treated like a cheap whore. She wanted some respect, but you have to ask how one deserves to be given respect when you knowingly had an affair with a married man. This aspect she failed to really pay attention too.

Alex wanted the title of being the wife so bad that she went to any extreme to be able to get the title. At the end of the day Alex took a lot of things the wrong way. Such as when he when didn’t kill her in her apt. I believe the reason that he didn’t do it was because he knew he had a family and didn’t want to cause them anymore pain because they had already been through enough. She took this as him showing his true love for her, which by this time in the film she had completely lost her mind. This movie makes you really reconsider the people you choose to get involved with and how you treat them.