Favorite movies Essay

1. First of all, Women are mostly discriminated when they work at a job that only men work at. For instance, Someone I know worked on a surface mine for three years. The bosses and the employees both gave her a hard time. The employees told her that a women shouldn’t be working on the strip mines.

And they kept on saying stuff that made her uncomfortable. The bosses wrote her up for working to many hours and she didn’t park a truck in the right place, but it was broke down and she told them to come and get it and they wouldn’t. They wrote her up for not calling in the right place, but the boss wouldn’t answer the phone half the time. Then they was an unsafe truck and they assisted for her to drive it and she wouldn’t because in the handbook it said do not drive an unsafe truck and that’s how they got rid of her by firing her.Secondly, black people can be also discriminated as well as women my baby’s father transferred to Chapmanville High School and all the kids from hart’s creek called him a nigger and even the shop bus driver. Nobody not even the principal took up for him because he is black.

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Then the hart’s creek boys wanted him to meet them at speedway to fight so Aaron by baby’s father wasn’t going to back down from them so he was going to meet them. As soon as the principal heard about it they kicked him out of school and he was no longer allowed in Logan County Schools. So he couldn’t get his high school diploma he had to get a G.E.D.Thirdly, I went to school with this boy and was the quiet type didn’t bother nobody kept to his self. Well as I was talking in the second paragraph the same harts creek boys kept picking on this kid wouldn’t leave him alone for nothing everyday they picked on him and none of the staff would do anything to them. Well this kid got fed up with them so he decided to bring a knife to school and settle it for once and for all.

He only got to cut one of them the rest of them ran he cut the back of his arm and stabbed him in the shoulder. And know the staff jumped in because of a stabbing the staff should’ve done something from the beginning so this wouldn’t never happen. But some people has to suffer the consequences. And you probably wondering if that’s kid died and did the other go to jail. The hart’s creek boy did not die and yes the quiet boy did go to jail but he got off because it was self- defense don’t ask me how it just was.

Finally, Different people can be discriminated whether you are black or white, man or female. I don’t think it is right for people to be like this, this is the reason why the people are the way they are. If the bosses, employee’s or principal’s would take pride in their selves and stand up for what’s right and not go by either your black, quiet or you’re a female but go by what’s right and the world wouldn’t be so hey wire as it is today.