Favorite Place Essay

My whole life I always had a favorite place to go. I felt as if I was born in the wrong state. At times I still do feel the exact same way.

My favorite place to go is the gorgeous city and state of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have been there multiple times with my cousin and his family, and really enjoyed it. I told myself one day when I’m able to afford a week or weekend trip I would go there with friends or what not. So, last year my son, my girlfriend, and I decided to take a summer vacation down there. We took a long drive the whole way there only made about two or three pit stops for gasoline and food.It was a long drive, but well worth it. When we got there it was absolutely beautiful. We were driving down the main road and it was paradise.

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It almost was like going to Disney Land as a little kid for me. There was just so much around, tall skyscraper hotels, waterparks, roller coasters, right on the side of the road it was amazing! I could tell the ocean and the beach was right next to use cause I was getting a distinct odor of it. I always loved that scent it always made me real excited. Finally, we make it to our hotel room and get our stuff unpacked.Our room was absolutely amazing, we had two beds a nice bathroom and to top it off a porch balcony over looking the beach, ocean, pool, and in the distance you can see an awesome fishing pier.

This was simply just the beginning. We had 3 pools indoor and outdoor, a baby pool and the hotel staff was nice enough to give us our own crib for our son. The beach and ocean was not even 20 feet away from the resort we were staying in which was for sure a plus. The atmosphere of the area we were staying in was lovely as well.

Everyone was very nice and happy, they all were very helpful as well to get from place to place.Another awesome feature of Myrtle Beach was the awesome main street going up and down the middle of North Myrtle. All the main atractions were ever so convenient for us to get to because they were right up there street from us so we didnt have a far drive to get to them. We could walk to it if we wanted to. The best part of this whole trip was the beach. The beach is beautiful in North Myrtle.

When we went it wasn’t really to packed so there wasn’t a lot of people on it which made it really comfortable for my son so he could run around as he pleases. The Ocean’s water is luke warm its not cold and not to hot its almost like bath tub water.I love to just lay in it or body surf its probaly one of my favorite things to do there. The second best part of Myrtle Beach is the weather. If you go down anytime in the summer its usually sunny, hot, and the skies are always clear. I want to continue taking trips to Myrtle Beach every single year so therefore I must save up my money and work hard to be able to afford it again one day.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is an amazing place to go for vacation, I know its my favorite so I suggest anyone to try it out at least once, because it may end up being your favorite as well.