Favorite Place Essay

Every spring break my family and I load up our family truck and ride countless hours to my favorite place. The excitement and thrill that rush through my veins when going to my favorite place, sends a thoughts to my head about what I will do and where I will go.

You are never too old to go to this place, and there is always something to do no matter what age you are. Although the tickets can be somewhat on the pricey side, every dime you spend will without a doubt be well worth it. When you first walk into the park, you immediately smell the variety of foods from all over. The excitement from people can be heard miles away on the rides.There are shopping malls throughout the entire theme park. Disney World is without question my favorite place.

Indeed Disney World is without question my favorite place. When my family and I first walk into the theme park, the aromas of food rush down our nostrils. The smell of turkey legs from the restaurant “Smoked Turkey Leg” is phenomenal. Your first bite will send your taste buds into an out roar of wanting more.

It is so enormous that only the hunger of a lion can devour it. Countless of flavors dance in your mouth and by the time you have taken your third bite your stomach is full and the juices scattered all over your clothing.The aroma of lamb, pork, beef, chicken, and fish will stop you in your tracks and send you heading to the “Cinderella Royal Table. ” Although this restaurant is expensive, the food is extraordinary. Their best entree is the Pan Seared Salmon which consists of salmon that has garlic flavor; blue crabs which isn’t really blue but the taste of the crabs are undesirable; rock shrimp risotto sends chills down your spine because the flavor is so rich, and the shrimps are so tender; and grilled asparagus, that is steamed and seasoned really well you wouldn’t need additional seasoning.Now you have been walking all day and the heat is crucially beating down on you, why not stop at Aloha Isle.

With the different types of fruit mixture, you can’t resist the smell. Aloha Isle has a variety of frozen treats with a tropical flare. The tropical flare makes you feel like you are on a tropical island; they can put Sweet Frog out of business. In fact, Disney World is without question my favorite place. The excitement and thrill from the rides can be heard miles away.

Although you will wait half an hour to an hour in lines for a three minute thrill, you will enjoy the excitement that the ride has to offer.The ride that thrills me the most is, Space Mountain. The journey begins with a steady climb up a 180-foot mountain, passing the Mission Control booth and an array of pulsating lights along the way. Once at the top, feel the wind race across your face as you’re propelled through the remote blackness of the universe illuminated only by shooting stars, celestial satellites, spinning black holes and shimmering constellations. Since most of this experience is in the dark, your ride will feel extremely fast and exciting, since you never know which way you’ll turn or drop!Splash Mountain, a popular flume ride at Magic Kingdom theme park, offers big thrills to big kids, teens and adults. Splash Mountain has a 5-story peak which has a massive splashdown into the refreshing pond.

After this ultimate plunge, drift past more southern critters aboard a lively Mississippi riverboat. Sing along with them, for it’s a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day! Everyone has a Laughing Place. I don’t think no one has ever gone to Disney World and bypassed It’s a Small World. Small World is a happy, upbeat indoor attraction with a mind-numbing tune that only a backhoe can remove from your brain.Small boats carry visitors on a tour around the world, with singing and dancing dolls showcasing the dress and culture of each nation one of Disney’s oldest entertainment offerings. Surely, Disney World is without question my favorite place.

There are shopping malls throughout the entire theme park. When shopping at Magic Kingdom Theme Park you are exploring the enormous Emporium store and strolling through the numerous shops on Main Street, U. S. A. You could always find gifts, souvenirs, Disney Character apparel, Pal Mickey, pins and pirate and princess accessories.I personally like shopping in the Disney Princess outlet for my younger siblings. The Princess Jasmine, which is my younger siblings favorite Disney princess character; has plethora of shirts, shorts, eye glasses and make up that my little sister can indulge.

I always thought that regular malls were better than the Disney World malls as I grew older; I realized that the Theme Park malls has a better variety of a Disney World attraction Theme Parks than any other store or mall. Typically, when my family vacation time has expired at my favorite place Disney world, tears form in my family eyes.While riding in the car back home, we spend countless hours discussing our vacation at Disney World. You would think that our adventures would be the same as the year before last since we have taken this journey to Disney since I have been one year old, but every year our adventures gets better and better. The excitement and thrill that rush through my veins when I think about going to my favorite place the following year.

Disney World is without questionably asked my favorite place.