Fear and Distress in Syria Essay

For many of you who do not know Syria has now become a bath of blood due to the mass tears a blood that are being shed by innocent defenceless people. even for a country that has grown used to violence the houla massacre on the 25th may 2012 shocked the people of Syria Over a hundred ,mainly children and women were targeted by shells and innocently killed Fifteen months after the start of protests against the regime of President Bashar Assad, Syria is in a dire situation. Trapped in a bloody stalemate, it remains unclear where the country is headed.

More than 12,000 people have lost their lives since March 2011, hundreds of Syrians are imprisoned in degrading conditions, and tens of thousands have fled to neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan. Many explicit photos and images of the brutality taking place their have been blocked on YouTube because of how disturbing they are . The un are saying there trying to help and nothing is being done as much as people like me would like to help there is nothing to be done and all we can do is sit here and watch the Syrian populations drop.

Through out my life which hasn’t been very long i cant remember a single year where the world has been at peace ,where people who have nothing to do with these conflicts don’t have to loose their lives and the people they love. The one thing i want to know is when it will all end And children the same age as you and i have the chance and opportunity at life without having to live in fear or distress