Fédération Internationale de Football Association Essay

Fédération Internationale de Football Association            Primarily before I start with relaying about this sport let us then define the meaning of it.

Sports is a specific diversion, usually involving physical exercise and having a set form and body of rules; a game[1]. In its literary meaning, a sport has its own body of rules that are needed to be act upon by anyone who are actively engage in this sport. Moreover, most likely those who are part of any team from the members of the organization of each team, also from their players to each respective coaches, and even up to the level of the owner it self. They must abide by the rules and regulation that the organization had established since then.

            We where able to elaborate on the meaning of sports let us now then find what is the specific meaning of this sport we are about to tackle. Football a game played with a ball on a rectangular, 100-yard-long field with goal lines and posts at either end. Opposing teams of eleven players seek to gain possession of the ball and advance it in running or passing plays across the opponent’s goal line.[2]            Now we go to the main purpose of creating this paper. It is to show how some new changes may be implemented and be acted upon like giving ideas that would help improve the organization and at the same time benefiting from it. Make plans so that upon implementing these changes, it would be easily be absorb by its members involve.FIFA or The Fédération Internationale de Football Association came upon in the early 1900.

The first ever members was consisted of the following countries from South Africa, Argentina, Chile and the United States of America in the 1913. Their Headquarters is currently located at Zurich, Switzerland wherein there are around 207 members from different nations. The current President of this organization is Mr. Sepp Blatter.            During the World War this organization had so many difficulties that even their players was sent off to war and was not able to travel for international games because the possibilities were limited.

Thus, it had made some irregularities to whether continued with its games or not. With the help of a Dutchman Carl Hirschmann the organizational was saved from being abolished or even forgotten. Still, even after for several years the FIFA had remained and withstand with the tremendous adversities it had gone thru. From being just a mere game or just an entertainment it had establish recognition and appreciation from known Countries, because of its unparallel motto of “For the Good of the Game”.[3] However, there is still this question of some undocumented instances that a country would not be allowed for some reasons of them being a treat to other participating Country and therefore, that would be our focus on determining our perspective in attaining the topic.            According to Tom Gross in his article entitled Football Killing Fields: Outrage and disbelief as world soccer body condemns Israel, not Hamas, FIFA always shuts their mouth off to the issues of political problems and struggle of different countries that have become part of their world cup tournament. FIFA truly believed that their organization is apolitical, which means that they would not be part of every political issues of the countries who are part of their tournament or organization.

In this case, even if their own players would have become part of the issue, as long as it is political, they will not be part of it or take a distance to maintain the gap between political and sports issues. Therefore, I can say that it should not be like that. Logically speaking, everything is political. Even a simple thing or issue is political because everything is part of the society. Therefore, there must be no issue of apolitical context especially in such issues like this.            If I have given a chance to change something to the FIFA organization, I would rather choose this kind of issue.

I want FIFA to speak for the truth though they have limitations. Like other sport organization, they must provide security and awareness to their environment especially when their players are being part of the issues. They must have the capacity to handle things in a more serious way to strengthen their capabilities in protecting their organization and their members, which is the most important to them.

In every sport organization, its members, teams, and laws are very important. In this case, the organization must have the capacity to defend these important things in their organization.            To develop such actions or plans for these kinds of issues, the organization should implement laws to separate business interests of FIFA to the political struggles of those countries who are involved in their organization.

They should implement or develop political ambassadors to every country who are part of the organization so that they will have representative who can speak to the public regarding their stand and resolution to the issues they were involved. Funds coming from the world cup tournament should be utilized properly to refrain from being dictated by the countries that can fund the tournament. In this case, they would not have a guilt feeling in every step they make for their organization and for their players.References:Gross, T. (2006). Football Killing Fields: Outrage and disbelief as world soccer body     condemns Israel, not Hamas.            http://www.nationalreview.

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