Feudal people of specific minds but no

Feudallords are at the top tier of the society and make the ruling class withpolitical demagogue. In Pakistan, there is no politician by the definition ofpolitics. In any ordinary to professional dictionary, the meaning of apolitician is given as “A leader engaged in civil administration” at nationalas well as international levels or “A person active in party politics” or “Aschemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhandedways.” The first definition shows, there is not a single leader in Pakistan whohas been engaged in civil administration.

Second and third definitions are realreflection of the political demagogues not of politicians. These political demagoguesmake interest groups not political parties. Consequently, there isno politicalparty in Pakistan yet by the definition of political science. There are interestgroups who work for their personal, party, group or family interests.Thedefinition of a political party usually start with word like “A political Organization,”in Pakistan Jamait-i-Islami (JI) has an ethnic organization in which itinvolved people of specific minds but no organization as a political party ingeneral.

For example, JI has a hierarchy in its designations but you can neverfind any liberal in their circles. In the same way MQM works. Therefore, there isno political party in Pakistan that has organization in itself. Thus, allparties in Pakistan are in fact interest groups.