Field Observation Assignment Essay

They were all gathered outside the restaurant, which they appear to have already finished their meals, and saying their goodbyes. Would have to say that the group was made up of about 15 adults and they were all gathered around a motorcycle, belonging to one Of the men in the group. As the others formed a circle around him, he began to rev the engine and cause some smoke to come from the tires. It seemed as though the demeanor of the group was acceptable to someone in their group, doing something that in other intents, might not be acceptable and even frowned upon.

As I continued to observe them, I noticed a group of children slightly in front of me, playing on the stand able part of a light fixture. I would say that the group was made up of about 7 children and I noticed that while four of them tried to fight on top of the ledge of a light fixture that the older ones would occasionally look over at their parents to make sure they were not watching. Leading me to believe that while the kids knew it was probably something they should not be doing, they all wanted to engage in the deviant behavior because the other kids ere.

I then observed one of the mothers call one of the older kids over because he young son wanted to play with the older kids, but need to be supervised. She leaned down and handed the younger kid to the older kid and said something to them. As the older kid quickly turned around with the younger child in their arms, they began to run across the parking lot and the mother immediately yelled something and the older boy stopped. The boy turned around knowing he had deviated away from the norm that one is supposed to look both ways before crossing any sort of street.

As continued to look on at the different groups of people coming and going, I noticed a van pull into the parking lot with very loud music playing. It seemed to deviate from the norm because people would stop their conversations to see who was blasting the loud music. Scanned the crowd to see how everyone reacted and it seemed as though people were bothered by the fact that this person was oblivious to the fact that the loud music was bothering others around them. I was able to use the group process perspective to try and better understand the trends that I observed in this open setting.

I was able to draw a conclusion from the different groups I observed that they were made up mostly of primary groups. I felt this way because it seemed by body language and the way that they interacted, made them closer than just co-workers or something along that nature. After a long hour of having to wait for my family to arrive, I was very intrigued by getting the opportunity to just stop what I was doing and watch the interactions going on around me.