Fifa vs Icc Essay

FIFA VS ICC Two most loved games in the world our football and cricket. Both games have millions of followers, who love games without any limit. Both the games have their establishment FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) and ICC (International Cricket Council). Both the organizations are different in the way they govern and handle different issues. ICC has different standards for different countries while on the other side FIFA focuses on equality. In ICC the Indian lobby seems strong and in front of Indian cricket board ICC seems a bit shaky.

As Pakistani trio (Salman, Amir, Asif) are banned from cricket due to spot-fixing while on the other side ICC didn’t bother to look into the matter of Indian player Suresh Raina. ICC cannot any action against Indian players, as 70 percent of the sponsorship is coming from India for ICC events. This shows the dual standard of ICC. Last week Bangladesh football federation asked FIFA that they cannot play in Pakistan so the world cup qualifiers should be shifted. In regard to this FIFA said in order to qualify they need to play in Pakistan or they won’t be able to qualify.

While the teams like Australia and others told ICC that can’t play in Pakistan. ICC took back the hosting rights from Pakistan. FIFA is stronger than ICC that’s why when they make decisions no member country can challenge it. As compared to this ICC told that UDRS (umpire decision review system) should be used in all tests. Indian cricket board refused it and still they are not using UDRS. This again shows who is more powerful. In order to make ICC more powerful like FIFA it is important that there should be equal rights given to all members and there should be equal contribution of sponsorship from member countries in order to favoritism.