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Figure above shows that a total of 70% respondent are comfortable in describing themselves as a beautiful woman while 30% of the respondent are not comfortable in describing themselves as a beautiful woman. This figure proved that there are still an issues between women y who decided to choose they are not comfortable about the visual they carried everyday. The diagram above proved that most of women did comparing themselveswith other women after watching the advertisement. A total of 74% agreed that they often comparing themselves with other women visuals right after they have watched the advertisement. The majority of the respondent who agreed on this shows that it is a must to change women perception in comparing each other because only 27% are not agree with the conditions.However, the total of 84% respondents response on they agreed the statement did happen in their daily life while only 17% did not agree on the statement above.Researcher are  aware of the negative comments will make this problems occur. It is not easy to show a positive attitude towards your body in front everyone-especially if you do not feel beautiful about it but by trying improving their self-esteem, it will also help women to feel positive with their bodies. Figure above shows that most of respondents agreed that the awareness campaign will bring a changes on how respondent would think about their images. A total of 70% respondents agreed on the statement while only 7% respondent answer no and 24% of respondent unsure that the campaign will make a change. It is important to make sure women feel safe and self-loved by themselves because women view of self-esteem is more important than the views of others against themselves. .Diagram above shows that most of respondent are familiar with the existing of medium known as poster, a total of 60% of respondent know about the poster while only 40% of respondent are not really aware about this medium.Poster is a combination of strong visualization with colors and messages with the intent to capture the attention of people passing through, but long enough to embed a meaningful idea in public memory. .The use of posters in awareness campaign is as a motivation and creating positive changes in some issues. Discussions can be made after a poster is shown on a particular topic. The message through the right poster will help scorch the goal so that it can be expected to change the behavior in everyday practice and improve public’s way of thinking.Media images of the ideal body have been displayed to women for centuries. Although the ideal body shape and size have changed over the years, women have always tried to attain that ideal for themselves. Women are exposed to the thin ideal everyday thus recapitulating the what they see throughout their lifetime. Perhaps this could be taken into account when thinking of ways to increase the significance of this particular study. Diagram above proved that it is important to have self confidence is to convince women choosing an effective approach and also in developing a positive thinking about body image, a total of 40% agreed that it is important to make women feel good about their natural looks while only 7% disagree with the suggestion. Confidence helps people to do something in many ways. Someone who can and will do a thing certainly has a sense of good self-esteem. Such doubts and concerns are very reasonable, doubts and concerns can be a control so we do not become over excessive about body image that can also create discomfort to the surrounding environment. Clearly, every successful person must have the confidence because people can never succeed if they cannot trust themselves.