Film Review and Synopsis Essay

The method that was used was called Parabolic Flight Maneuver. It is when an aircraft goes up in a 45 degree angle and goes to the top forming an arc like shape, then goes down in the same angle measurement. As is goes down, there will be 20-25 seconds on which we will experience immobility The student’s research comprises of a specific kind of algae called chlamydeous Reinhardt that is attracted to light.

The aim is to find out if the attraction will also be effective with a zero gravity environment. They made a slide with a red color, a color which the algae keeps away from and UT a blue light in which will attract the algae.The successful result of the experiment also concludes that astronauts can start the growth of plant life for food while in outer space.

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We still haven’t unlocked all the secrets of outer space, so it is a challenge mankind shall gladly accept. Cell Fate: Journey to Specialization There was that one question: Can you change the fate of a cell? A cell is the smallest unit of life. There a different kinds of cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and so much more. But can we, for example, take a specific amount of lymphocytes and transform it into macrophages to sustain the amount of the cells we need?There is one specific cell called HAS or homeopathic stem cell. They are found in the red bone marrow and has the ability to regenerate into the myeloid and the lymphoid lineages.

Three year-old Cassia who suffers from a severe immunodeficiency disease. He was born without B and T cells present in his blood stream. The only way to cure him was by bone marrow transplant, and if they don’t find a donor right away, they say his life will only last for two years. He is one of the lucky us rivers of this disease because of the significance of the HAS cell.The first thing that should be sorted out is specifically how does the HAS change and know which specific cell to take form into. Based on the done experiments by researches in Barcelona, HAS cells have transcription factors which can find sides in DNA which they can bind with.

The scientist tried to put one transcription factor that is different from another cell to see if it can change. The results were positive, which means cells can change their fate. This process is now called transubstantiation. Because of this we may be able to create new and even personalized medicines which can be unlocked by the next generation of scientists.