Final Family Guy Analysis Essay

Such as, the way her figure is ran out, the way men talk about her in the show, etc. She is portrayed as almost a seductress of sorts. In the show, Lois is of high value and importance but yet she never does anything significant. All she does is take care of Peter and the family and keep everyone level headed. Throughout the course Of the seasons of” Family Guy’, Lois has become a working women in society and has landed some pretty important roles, such as becoming the mayor in one episode. Despite this, Lois is always returned back to the home where she “belongs”.

Every time any career appears to Lois, she realizes in the end that he rather be with her family and that she couldn’t handle the job etc. In this way, “Family Guy’ really shows stereotyping and the discrimination foemen. Lois only value because she is a beautiful women unlike Meg, whom according to the characters in the show is not. Although Lois is created as the depicted as the most intelligent of the family. In comparison to Meg who is portrayed to be ugly and unlikable. Meg isn’t appealing in any way according to the characters in “Family Guy’. She is ugly, fat, stupid, and worthless.

We hear this through her random snippets of diary entries or when the episode is bout Meg. Also this is easily seen through the way Peter or people at school treat her. Everyone hates Meg and makes jokes about her. She is shown to have very little value to the characters in the show. This is also another way the discrimination of women is present. Just because Meg isn’t beautiful or smart she isn’t valuable and no one likes her. In the real world, this is a prominent way of thinking. It was also something that has been taken into account since the beginning of civilized society.

Women were valued on their appearance for marriage and having kids. Men always want he prettiest woman and they only the prettiest women are the models and people in the commercials. Pretty people are always put on a pedestal and the people who society thinks are ugly are never noticed. This discrimination of women has always been present in society and has created an uneven and divided society. In the end compare both Lois and Meg to an ideal women and in the end Lois wins over Meg. Reader Response My gut reaction to “Family Guy’ is that it is really funny.

I have always found it a really funny and entertaining show. It is just pure satire with slightly offensive humor. The show is meant to represent a dysfunctional family; and they create just that. In the making of this family they had to create a dysfunctional town that they live in. Some people find it rude and offensive etc. But really it isn’t if you look at it in the critical sense you would see that it really is satire. They are making fun of things in a way that is slightly relatable but yet far enough away from everyday life to appreciate it and get a good laugh out of it.

Peter and his wacky antics are something I have always enjoyed. He is a great character, his obliviousness and ignorance to almost everything makes everything more humorist. Brian is also one of the best characters on the show. His cynical and philosophical ways are something I envy. He is savvy yet just irritable. My family loves this character so much we named our dog Brian. (he even has a red collar) Stepwise is the baby I wish was. He is so genius and yet so evil it is so hilarious and endearing. Even though he wants to take over the world, kill Lois, and some other bad things… E still makes the show even funnier than the rest. I think he is definitely the best and most developed character in “Family Guy”. All of these great characters help me to connect to he show in many ways. I have superficial ties to it like the fact that my sisters name is Meg or my dog’s name is Brian. The deeper ties are that today in the world we have weird dysfunctional families with crazy neighbors, maybe not talking dogs… , but there are just so many things wrong in family life today and I feel like people are losing their faith in their families.

Although the characters on the show all seem to not get along in a harmonious way, they always come back together and realize and appreciate the family they have. This makes me think of my family. Have always thought that I have the best arenas and weirdo siblings, but I really do love them and appreciate them. I feel like this show always reminds me of the funny things in life that are so realistic to how things are in the real world, but it also reminds me that my family is my family no matter how weird or how dysfunctional they can be need to accept and love them.

The satirical nature of the show is my favorite part about the show and what I like the best. They make fun of all of the bad things we have in the world and make it funny. Now that can have its issues because it can downplay important things that people need to be aware of, UT overall never ceases to make me laugh. I think that “Family Guy” has its downfalls but I really enjoy it and all of the aspects of it really does bring out the humor of day to day life. Reflection really liked this way of creating a project for a final.

I liked the idea of picking my own topic to analyses instead of having to choose from a set list. Although, had a little trouble deciding how to analyses something that wasn’t a piece Of literature. Looking at a TV show with 10 seasons was difficult to look at through the lenses. In the beginning didn’t really feel as though I had a super throng grasp on all of the lenses so that was also an obstacle. Feel like really got down deep into the gender analysis but felt that might have been lacking in the reader response but didn’t really know what else to say about it.

For the reader response part I feel like made good connections with it but still felt like I didn’t quite dig deep enough. I still feel like I might need some teacher assistance. While analyzing “Family Guy’, it actually did change my perspective of the show. Never really realized what I wrote until after I wrote it. It has always been just a show and after I used the lenses it seemed as Hough I am seeing the show for what it truly is instead of something watch and laugh at. I think that analyzing it through the TTY. O lenses created a whole new “Family Guy” for me. Looking through the reader response lenses, I brought out the humor that never noticed, the satirical part of it, and now I will be watching it and actually appreciating it for its true intent. The lenses overall helped me understand and realize what the show is about. Even though it demonstrates gender discrimination through out the all seasons, it is still can be interpreted in a satirical way; its like they were trying to show he stereotypes and bring them to life so people can realize what a problem it is.