Final Reflection Essay

Final Reflection By: Sydney Cunningham Professor: Amy Sloan/ English 090 Writing these essays was sometimes a challenge to me. I didn’t want to sound like everyone else; I wanted to stand out more and get good feedback.

I think I have achieved those goals, the only problem I had was my formatting. I never had to use a cover page before in no essay so I thought using a template would make it stand out more. The main technique I used for all of my writing was clustering and brainstorming.

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It makes the writing process very easy. It gives me an outline and from there I just write.Going back to review is helpful also, one thing I learned this semester is to have someone else read over it. During this semester I have really learned to take my time don’t rush, start on my essay early so I can pace myself. I used to start on them the day of just cause I knew I could do, but when I took my time I did so much better. I really didn’t see anything wrong with any of my essays as far as grammar wise, the only problem I had was the cover page.

I would probably just make my introduction less revealing I guess which is what I try to do. Giving the reader an idea of the subject, but no deep details is the key for a good paper.I need to learn better sentence structure which is something that I have gotten better at. Not mixing the words that I use while texting in my writing, that used to be a problem with me. English has always been my best subject I was always told that I was a good writer. When I take my time, and really focus on a subject my essay will be written well.

Reader more will also help me by expanding my vocabulary. I can say this is the first English class that I had to write more than two papers. It did get stressful at some points, but I’m glad I took my time and came through.