financial City Bank Limited, Eastern Bank Limited,

financial is
found that foreign commercial bank and some privet commercial bank are playing
an important role in providing technology driven banking service. Here in below
classification is made according to the percentage of technology driven service
provided by the banks in Bangladesh.


Table 1

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of the banks according to the Technology based service provided by the Banks.

Percentage of technology driven
service provided by banks

Bank Names


Standard Chartered Bank
Limited, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited,
Dhaka Bank Limited


HSBC, The Premier Bank Limited,
One Bank Limited, Prime
Bank Limited, Trust Bank
Limited, Mutual Trust Bank Limited,
Mercantile Bank Limited, Bank
Asia Limited, The City Bank
Limited, Eastern Bank Limited,
AB Bank Limited, BRAC Bank
Limited, Janata Bank Limited


Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,
Bangladesh Commerce Bank
Limited, NCC Bank Limited,
Southeast Bank Limited, National
Bank Limited, United Commercial
Bank Limited, Jamuna Bank
Limited, Sonali Bank Limited.


Commercial Bank of Ceylon
Limited, Al Arafah Islami Bank
Limited, EXIM Bank Limited,
First Security Islami Bank
Limited, Social Islami Bank
Limited, Shahjalal Islami Bank
Limited, Standard Bank Limited,
IFIC Bank Limited, Rupali
Bank Limited, Agrani Bank Limited.

Very Poor-
45% and

Citi Bank NA, ICB Islami Bank
Limited, Uttara Bank Limited.


the table we can see that Agrani bank ltd 
is laying on the poor category.50% of the service provided by Arani bank
is technology it’s a vital issue faced by Agrani bank Right now
.Because they are far behind form  most
of the bank in Bangladesh in providing technology driven service.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction is a
measure of how products and services delivered by any organization satisfy the
expectations of a customer. It differs from person to person and service to
service. A customer may be  a user or
potential user of banking services. The competence of a banking industry
depends upon how best it can provide services to its target customers. In order
to last in this competitive environment and bank should deliver constant
customer satisfaction; the banking services providers should frequently
increase the quality of their services. In banking business it is seen that
only 5% rise in customer retention can increase the profitability by 35%When
the private sector banks are compared with our Arani Bank banks, private bank
customers were more satisfied with their bank because of their multiple
branches at convenient locations and technology (like check deposit machines,
utility bill accepting machines etc.) which are not available in Agrani Bank. But
when we talk about reliability and the prices which Arani  bank impose on services like cheque/cash
deposit and cheque/cash withdraw then Agrani bank is much ahead of other privet
and transnational bank(it has been seen that price charges are lower in public
sector banks than in private sector). But in the customer care service category
agrani bank is way behind then other privet or transnational
in order to sustain in a competitive environment Agrani bank need to improve
their customer care service, infrastructure, location and technology.

 Regulatory pressure:

total bad loan in the Bangladeshi banking industry grew by 23% in the 12 months
to the end of September as the country’s financial institutions carry on to
struggle with bad loans. Former Bangladesh Bank governor Salehuddin Ahmed
blamed the “absence of good governance” in the banking sector for the rise in
bad debts. By the end of September, the total bad loan of Sonali, Janata,
Agrani, Rupali, Basic and BDBL stood at Tk38,517 crore. These banks had
distributed loans of Tk131,689 crore and are now fronting capital deficiencies
with the rise in bad Bangladesh bank is imposing regulatory pressure
on the banks to improve the situation.  Current performance of Agrani bank does not
show satisfactory results in terms of different performance indicators ratio
such as liquidity, return on asset etc.Several reform measures undertaken by
the Bangladesh banks to recover the performance of this sector together with
increasing capital adequacy, guidelines for structuring loans standards,
shrinking provisions for nonperforming loans, strengthening disclosure
requirements and emphasizing accountability. 
Main problems are recognized in Govt. owned commercial Banks are making
lower profits due to inefficiency ,bad assets and political interference. It is
identified harsher compliance requirements including harsh proctoring of
central bank and low enthusiasm for giving credit due to slow business environment.
This regulatory pressure from the Bangladesh Bank has become an vital issue for Agrani bank right now.


Increasing competition:

in Bangladeshi banking sector is so high we have 57 banks in our country. More
three bank is coming to the industry.13 bank are not performing well due to
extern competition and inefficiency .Bangladesh bank is thinking about merging
the banks those banks are not performing well. So to sustain in this
competitive environment like this Agrani banks needs to work a lot like they
need to improve the customer care, they need to provide more technology based
service also needs to improve the banks location and infrastructure.