Financial Profile On Emaar Essay

Emaar is one of the most celebrated building companies in the universe.

Emaar is a public articulation stock company. Emaar is a portion of the United Arab Emirates stock exchange. It is besides one of the few companies of U.

A.E. which are portion of the DOW JONES America. The company was formed in 1997. It has played a major portion in the development of Dubai since its incorporation, and it is now the largest existent estate edifice company in the gulf. It has the celebrity of doing one of the most celebrated edifices in the universe and even the tallest edifice of the universe the Burj Khalifa.

It has created assorted other townships in and around Dubai itself and in the United Arab Emirates as a state. It is celebrated for constructing its lifestyle places and supplying high terminal lodging to the rich and the celebrated.It has become celebrated for supplying assorted one halt solutions to lifestyle jobs. The company believes in quality production through its lifestyle solutions.

It believes that the lone manner to maintain 1s clients happy is by giving them the quality that no 1 else can supply. Emaar has fancied itself as more of a lifestyle developer instead than a existent estate developer.It believes that through supplying lifestyle solutions the existent estate will sell on its ain and that is the method that it has adopted as a company to sell its merchandises. It aims at going as one of the most value existent estate developers in the universe. The company has divided its work into different sections. The company is developing itself on foreign lands every bit good. It has built existent estate in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.The turning of Dubai into one of the most modern metropoliss in the universe has been done with the aid of Emaar.

Emaar has been a large subscriber towards developing the infrastructural installations within Dubai and in the other parts of United Arab Emirates. Emaar is responsible for most of the edifices that one sees on the skylines of modern Dubai.Emaar has shaped Dubai into a major strategic metropolis in the universe and it has loaded the metropolis with the most modern existent estate and infrastructural installations.In Dubai itself there are many people from other states which reside and they work with one of the assorted multinationals established in the metropolis. Such persons earn good and they wish to populate in epicurean flats and houses. Such people are the 1s whose demands are fundamentally being catered by Emaar. Emaar has specialised in developing high terminal belongingss within Dubai.

Emaar is non merely constructing lodging composites but it has some of the most celebrated infirmaries, promenades, hotels accredited to its name. After the company ‘s immense success in Dubai now it has made Dubai as a theoretical account for all its hereafter undertakings. Emaar has winged itself into the fiscal sector besides. It is besides developing its cordial reception sector.Emaar at present owns 60 different companies. It has wholly established itself as a existent estate developer in all of Middle East. It is besides doing its presence felt in North Africa and in the Indian sub-continent. China, USA, Canada and U.

K. are amongst other states in which the company has on-going undertakings at nowadays.


The Emaar group started a new company under the name of Emaar international back in 2004. This company was established 7 old ages after the original company got established.

Within those 7 old ages Emaar group had shown what it was capable of making and what it had in its head. But it must be noted here that before Emaar international was established Emaar group did non hold any concern connexions outside the United Arab Emirates.It was with the gap of Emaar international that Emaar group decided to come in the international market. It was a move by Emaar group to cut down the hazard of operating within the United Arab Emirates and in the gulf states itself because opportunities were that the market in these states would saturate in the coming 10-15 old ages. So the company had to diversify and research new markets. Furthermore this would guarantee sustained development of the house itself in the hereafter.

The company through its international subordinate aimed at tapping the many emerging international markets in states like India, Bangladesh. Countries in northern Africa. This would diversify the beginning of gross for the company and guarantee stableness on a long term footing.

Furthermore it would cut down the company ‘s dependance on grosss from the Middle Eastern markets. The chief international concern of Emaar is being generated from the Indian subcontinent, North African states and from gulf states other than United Arab Emirates. Just like in Dubai the company has introduced maestro planned lifestyle solutions in these states besides.About all of Emaar Internationals international undertakings are on the completion phase and they will add new degree of intending to the universe luxury in these states. Particularly in the Indian market the company has emphasized on high end luxury merchandises due to the emerging rich professional category in the state. The company has taken a wise measure of set uping partnerships with major existent estate developers which are already established in these states.This has given a head start to Emaar international as it was prevented from making the leg work of set uping itself in a new state. Although Emaar international is still a new company and the international ventures of Emaar group are under procedure and barely any of them is complete and functional at the minute still, the company has aroused attending in its undertaking due to its success in Dubai and due to their claims of supplying excess ordinary luxury to their clients.

Within the close hereafter the company is certain to make admirations in the international market.


We know that the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in peculiar has grown many a times in the past decennary. The metropolis of Dubai has turned from merely another capital metropolis to a Centre of wealth and finance in the universe.

It is now one of the most of import metropoliss of the universe. It is the fiscal hub of all of gulf country.The metropolis exploded with development in the 1890ss and that phenomenon has continued till really recent. The metropolis on one manus late inaugurated the universe ‘s tallest edifice the Burj Khalifa and at the same clip there were rumors that the metropolis was under tremendous debt and many believed that it would be unable to pay back the debt it was under. Although it must be noted that Dubai did non look to be affected by the planetary economic lag which happened in 2008.Initially studies were that none of the stock monetary values had gone down in the state and in existent clip besides there were barely any undertakings within the state which were cancelled out or delayed. Dubai is non as oil rich as its neighbor it has fundamentally survived on its port and other beginnings of income.

In the recent times the metropolis has developed as a hub of assorted multinationals and is endeavoring its economic system from grosss from them. Last twelvemonth Dubai claimed that it was fewer than 80 billion dollars of debt. Although fiscal analysts around the universe say that the existent figure may be around 130 billion dollars. One of the chief sectors which are under debt is the existent estate sector. There have been a batch of undertakings which have been completed within Dubai particularly of our concerned company Emaar but there tenancy is barely 20 per centum.These immense existent estate ‘s have been built by taking money on recognition and due to the low sale rate the involvement rates on Emaar and on assorted other companies has been mounting at an dismaying velocity.

This has been the basic ground behind the economic meltdown of United Arab Emirates. The belongings monetary values in Dubai slashed down to about 50 % of what they were six months before the meltdown hit. As we know that all companies within the United Arab Emirates which Dubai is a portion of rich person to be province owned. Due to the factor that the authorities of Dubai owned all the companies it was expected that the metropolis will be able to come out of the planetary fiscal crisis unscratched but it did n’t go on in world.Ultimately even Dubai besides suffered. Emaar itself has come under immense debt. The authorities bureaus which have a portion in Emaar were besides in a bad form themselves.

However Dubai has breathed a suspiration of alleviation as Abu Dhabi came to its deliverance. Abu Dhabi was unaffected by the planetary meltdown and by the meltdown in Dubai because of its heavy dependance on oil and oil based industries which did non acquire affected anyplace in the universe. However Abu Dhabi has merely contributed around 15 billion dollars till now. This is barely even 15 % of entire debt of Dubai.The royal household of Dubai itself has invested immense sums of its private wealth to acquire over the crisis but the sum seems to be excessively large for them besides. Another thing that has hurt Dubai is the deficiency of transparence in its support of assorted establishments which has prevented any kind of aid from other gulf states or from any of the western states like United States of America or United Kingdom. However it must be noted that the graduated table of Dubai ‘s economic meltdown is nil in forepart of the meltdown traveling under in the West.

The fact remains that Dubai may finally hold to sell a significant portion of the belongings in the metropolis in order to acquire over the fiscal crisis. Although Dubai is still a prime finish to make concern in the universe but it has been slightly crippled by the economic meltdown that has hit it. The assorted stock monetary values in the stock exchange of Dubai and United Arab Emirates have to a great extent gone down in recent times. The state ‘s currency rates have besides suffered to a great extent after the economic meltdown that hit Dubai.Another new standards that emerged after the Dubai meltdown was that immense sums of money were taken out of the Bankss in Dubai within hebdomads. Some analysts comment that this sum was every bit immense as 20 billion dollars. This farther weakened the status of Dubai.

Furthermore what has been a major job for everyone is that Dubai has clearly non spilled out who its creditors are. Much is to be said about the fact that Abu Dhabi has non come to the assistance of Dubai in a proper mode as it has done in the hereafter.


We must understand here that Emaar group has been a major participant in the development of Dubai since the past 1 and a half decennary. It must hence be understood here that Emaar group has been one of the biggest sick persons due to the economic meltdown of Dubai. It is being estimated that about 65 % of the company ‘s money being used in assorted undertakings was money from assorted creditors.About 30 % of emaar ‘s belongingss which have been completed are still vacant.

Furthermore Emaar is loath to sell these belongingss at the minute because of the fact that the current market conditions are such that Emaar will incur losingss if it sells its belongingss at the current rates. It may non be in a place to even retrieve the investing that has gone into the belongingss leave entirely the fact that it may gain net incomes from selling its belongingss at this minute. Furthermore Emaar has had a spot of bad fortune as merely before it got hit in Dubai by the fiscal crisis its international ventures were besides hit by the planetary meltdown. Particularly in states like India in which Emaar international has made immense investings the belongings monetary values slumped due to the planetary meltdown and Emaar had to incur immense losingss.

Many of its undertakings were stranded within India itself. Emaar besides faced a job with its labor in Dubai as most of its labor is from states like India and Pakistan. These migratory laborers are expected to endure badly after the planetary meltdown. Dubai has offered a safe oasis for these laborers and Emaar was one the companies which was using the highest figure of migratory labor. These laborers come from hapless background from states like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and they yearn to acquire a better life in Dubai due to the higher pay rates being paid in the state.Such laborers face bad times in front if Dubai does n’t retrieve from its meltdown shortly plenty. Emaar group has decided that it would cut down on its undertakings within Dubai and United Arab Emirates but it has non yet planned to sell of any of its belongingss in the part. The conditions are bettering in foreign markets particularly in India which was non affected excessively much by the economic planetary meltdown.

The monetary values of belongingss are lifting up and Emaar group expects that it will be able to pay back a sensible sum of its debt from the net incomes it may gain in the close hereafter from its undertakings in the Indian sub-continent.Dubai belongings monetary values have slashed down badly and at that place does n’t look to be any indicant that they may lift up in the close hereafter. It seems that the roar which the state was undergoing has eventually collapsed and non merely has it collapsed it has led to an economic meltdown. The top direction at Emaar is now accepting and repenting the fact that they expanded excessively much excessively rapidly and this was one of the grounds which led to this meltdown. But it must be noted here that this is the job with about all the companies in Dubai and this is non the instance with Emaar merely.


The top direction at Emaar group have been in rather some problem due to the jobs that they are confronting because of the economic meltdown. The company decided that it would travel out its focal point from its belongings concern within Dubai for the clip being. Furthermore it would develop more of cordial reception related edifices within United Arab Emirates and Dubai and non concentrate on residential composites.Its residential undertakings will merely be carried on in states like India which have non been hit by the planetary economic meltdown. New undertakings within the part of Dubai have been stalled as of now.Furthermore within Dubai Emaar may unify with companies like Nakheel. Nakheel is besides amidst the center of the Dubai meltdown. Furthermore aid from Indian spouses MGF has been sought by Emaar in order to acquire over this meltdown issue.

Hospitality is the chief country in which Emaar will be make investings and developments in the close hereafter. Many hotels and infirmaries and promenades shall be opened in international markets by Emaar in the approaching clip. Hospitality sector is yet to be affected by either of the meltdowns.Although it will be incorrect to state that it has non been affected at all but it is still at better evidences than other sectors.

Furthermore the launch of Burj Khalifa itself is being said to be a positive measure being taken by Emaar. Burj Khalifa is the tallest edifice in the universe. This edifice has added many stars to the image of Dubai and all goes to the recognition of Emaar for this.While the top direction is make up one’s minding its schemes to acquire out of this cavity of debt there are many directors and laborers which have suffered the existent blow of this meltdown. There have been rather a few employees which were fired by Emaar in order to diminish its outgos.

Many hapless migratory laborers from the Indian sub-continent who survived on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing were besides thrown out of their occupations by Emaar. Many investors who had invested in the belongingss of Emaar were besides in a daze as the monetary values of their belongingss alternatively of appreciating had depreciated to every bit low as 50 % within a short span of six months.The top directors at Emaar agreed that they had expanded manner beyond their ain capacity and manner beyond the capacity of the people to put in such belongingss. Another negative for Emaar was that they fundamentally aimed merely at capturing the rich and the wealthy either in Dubai or even in their international ventures. And as common says the rich were the 1s who suffered more than the already hapless 1s in the meltdown.Emaar has hence decided that particularly in its international ventures more specifically in India it will fix its attending more on the in-between category and the upper in-between category instead than constructing entirely for the upper category. The Indian market is a possible market for Emaar and they must at all costs capture it if they wish to acquire out of the meltdown. Furthermore non merely residential composites around the universe should be built for the center and upper in-between category households even the cordial reception sector should be developed while maintaining such households in head.


Decision in our research fundamentally depends on two assorted facets. First of what we conclude about the affects of the economic meltdown of Dubai as a metropolis and as a modern metropolitan of the universe and how the international meltdown has influenced the meltdown of Dubai and secondly we conclude the affects of this meltdown on Emaar as a company and on its run to be one of the largest existent estate developers in the universe.First when we conclude approximately Dubai as a metropolis, we reckon that Dubai has undergone a immense alteration in the past 1 and a half decennary. Dubai has ne’er been an oil metropolis like Abu-Dhabi Dubai ever earned its grosss from ports and port related activities. Until the late 1890ss when companies like Emaar opened up Dubai was lasting on the afore mentioned concerns. Although there surely was a feeling of profusion in the metropolis because there was a important trickle down affect of money from Abu-Dhabi.

It was in the mid 1890ss when the form of Dubai started altering and there was a sudden roar.The metropolis all of a sudden started having foreign investings and the royal household of the metropolis started developing the overall conditions predominating within the metropolis. The substructure of the metropolis was wholly changed. It started acquiring the best equipments to better its overall expressions and the basic comfortss available to the common adult male were drastically improved and as clip passed the metropolis started on a run of existent estate roar.The metropolis by the early 2000 ‘s could tout of supplying some of the best residential installations and basic comfortss supported by universe category substructure. Many big administrations, transnational companies started to develop their caput quarters for the gulf country and the Middle East itself in Dubai.Companies like Emaar were gaining immense money and they were on a fling of doing the best in category epicurean residential composites, promenades cordial reception Centres, hotels etc in Dubai. One can state that this roar came to a arrest with the startup of Burj Khalifa the tallest edifice of the universe.

With the startup of Burj-Khalifa people realised that the roar that the metropolis had undergone in the past decennary had put the metropolis and its developers under the debt of over a 100 billion dollars.Although Dubai was lucky plenty to avoid the planetary meltdown but it was all of a sudden confronting its ain personal meltdown.The metropolis turned to assist from Abu Dhabi which was non so helpful either, and due to the heavy internal control by the royal households the metropolis could besides non trust to turn for aid to the western states which themselves at the point were confronting the wrath of their ain planetary meltdown.Equally far as Emaar is concerned Emaar although merely being hardly 15 old ages old has achieved what many have non been able to accomplish in half a decennary.

The company can proudly name itself the male parent of the modern Dubai. It has changed Dubai into one of the most sought after metropoliss in the universe. Dubai is now a major metropolis of the universe which represents the whole of Middle East merely because of the extra-ordinary accomplishments of companies like Emaar. Emaar has changed the definition of the really word called luxury.It has produced some of the best luxury places in Dubai and in whole of Middle East. It has contributed to some of the best promenades and hotels of Dubai and it has redefined easiness and luxury in such cordial reception Centre.

The company can tout about constructing the universe ‘s tallest constructing the Burj-Khalifa. The company has successfully set up its base in topographic point like North Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America. It has been particularly good in set uping a base in the Indian sub-continent.But as we know all has non been good with Emaar in recent times. The company although has given the universe the best luxury places but it has done so at recognition.

And as of now the company is in a state of affairs of economic meltdown as it has non sold all that it has built and it is confronting sedate jobs of paying back its creditors. Although about half of the company is owned by the province still it has been unable to carry through most of its loan refund calls. The company has been soberly affected by the Dubai meltdown and has suffered major losingss. It is estimated that about 30 % of the company ‘s building have non yet been sold. Furthermore the company has besides been dealt a bad card when it comes to the international ventures because of the ongoing planetary economic meltdown. The manner out although is non really hard for the company because of the fact that it is really bring forthing some of the best life manner solutions in the universe.The company should fix its attending on cordial reception sector internationally and within Dubai and travel off its attending from building of abodes and their gross revenues as this is surely non the right clip to make so.