First, ever wonder how that cheesy, yummy, goodness,

First, ever wonder how that cheesy, yummy, goodness, fresh out of the oven, the smell of hot garlic cheese, tomato sauce, with spicy garlic, how was it made, or who even made it? How did someone have the idea to do that? The person who invented the pizza was Raffaele Esposito, he invented the pizza June 11, 1889. He impacted the world by creating supper yummy food that everyone loves.  The inventor Raffaele Esposito, the invention pizza, and the impact.Second a little bit about him. He was born in Avellino, Italy, and he died 1968 Raffaele Esposito, invented the pizza, it was invented in 1889 (“” ). He was the owner of a popular tavern called Pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi in Italy. He mainly made pizza for mainly the king and queen when they went to his tavern. According to legend, he topped his pizza with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes, to represent the three colors of the american flag.  He was widely considered the father of modern Pizza (“”).Third, Pizza, if you don’t know what pizza it you live under a rock. Pizza is a round base of dough, with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically added with meat of vegetables. Until about 1830 pizza was sold in open-air stands, and pizza bakeries, in order to keep the tradition alive. Pizza in the United States first made it appearance in the late 19th century, and it was very popular among the large Italian population. He made it in his hometown where he was born, in 1889, in his popular tavern he owned (Turim). Lastly, This was a big impact of the world, as the creation of pizza spread throughout the world. Coming up with different topping all around the world. The pizza has not been changed much over time, but only the new topping people would add, or stuffed crust, or even deep deep dish. The invention is used for eating, at parties, or just late night’s chilling, it is used a lot all around the world. In conclusion, there is all of that yummy, goodness, fresh out of the oven pizza’s  history. Now your questions is answered, pizza was invented by Raffaele Esposito in 1889, known as the father of modern pizza, mainly made it for the king and queen, but as his invention spread across the world more and more people came known to pizza. “Fun fact, american eat 350 pieces of pizza per second!” (“Mobile-cuisine”).