First, Paul is remembered for his horsemanship. His

  First, Paul Revere was born January 1, 1735, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born The sons of Apollos Rivoire, at the age of 13, he came to America which he was a French immigrant. After arriving in America he changed his name to a more english name. His parents names are Apollos Rivoire (father) and Deborah Hitchborn (mother) and also had 9 siblings. Paul went to North  writing school. He got baptised on December 22, 1734. On August 1757 he married Sarah Orne and together they had 8 children. After Sarah’s death he married Rachel Walker and had 8 more children. Paul died May 20, 1818 and is buried at Granary burying ground.     Second, Paul took part in the Boston tea party. He “was principal rider for Boston’s committee of safety”.  On April 18, 11775 he set up for his famous ride. “In 1765, he participated in the Stamp Act Riots in the response to the impending Stamp Act that was to take effect in the coming month. While the first riot, houses got torn down from the mod, including the house of Lieutenant Government and also Chief Justice Thomas Hutchinson. Paul is remembered for his horsemanship. His most important contributions, hammer and chisel is what it came from. When Paul was 19, he nearly was finishing his apprenticeship. When his father died, they left him as  the families main source.    Third, He had many accomplishments. From the very beginning he was a colonist. He was in the Boston tea party. He was a Silversmith by trade, he sometimes worked as a amateur dentist. He led a spy ring and also is known for his art. He has a poem about him but is inaccurate. He borrowed a horse and served it as his worthy steed on the night of April 18, 1775. He went on and became a successful businessman and his military record was less than stellar.     Lastly, Here are some interesting facts about him. When he was a teen, he worked as a church bell ringer. During the war, he used his smithing skills to engrave things on plates, so he made a lot of money. Everyone all been misquoting him, when they shouted “the British are coming” , they actually said “the Regulars are coming out”. His education was educated at North Grammar school in Boston. He went on to having 51 grandchildren. By marriage he was related to Abraham Lincoln. Long before the Midnight, the group resisted the British and also collected intelligence.